Will John Carney Make The Changes To Education That Delaware Needs?

With Delaware State Senator Colin Bonini looking at bowing out of the 2016 Delaware Governor election, it looks like there is no real challenge to John Carney.  This is NOT what Delaware needs.  We need a bigger candidate pool so the real issues are talked about and the candidates can challenge each other.  I have never been a huge fan of a clear shot to an elected position.  Be that as it may, what can we expect from a potential Governor Carney in Delaware?  More of the same and business as usual, or will he make the necessary changes we need.  Delaware needs a strong leader to clean up the corruption and lack of transparency of the Markell administration and to forge a clear path for Delaware’s success in the future.  We need someone to reign in the runaway spending and get more businesses attracted to Delaware.  What we don’t need is a cheerleader for Rodel and the education reform companies.  This has led to state corruption on a massive scale.  What kind of Governor will you be John Carney?