RIP Sue Francis, Former Delaware School Boards Association Executive Director

Sue Francis

I just found out Sue Francis passed away in July.  She was the Executive Director of the Delaware School Boards Assocation from 1999 to 2016.  HShe retired earlier this year and was replaced by John Marinucci.  You can read her obituary here.

I met Sue a few times, usually at State Board of Education meetings.  She was always kind to me.  I remember her telling me how she was looking forward to retirement.  It’s a shame she wasn’t able to really begin that retirement after decades of service to Delaware education.

Rest in peace Sue Francis!


Is The Former Executive Director From Delaware Schools Boards Association Going To Join A Charter School Board?

Sue Francis


Sue Francis recently retired as the Executive Director of the Delaware School Boards Association.  She held the title for many years.  So what are her plans for her retirement?  Apparently she has expressed a desire to join another school board!  But not just any school board, a charter school board!  As most know, charter school board members are not publicly elected, so the board would have to vote themselves on whether or not she can join.  So which charter school is it?

Indian River School District Board Opts Out Of DSBA Membership

Delaware School Boards Association

Mark Fowser with 105.9 wrote an article concerning the Indian River School Board.  Like the Christina Board of Education last September, they have decided not to continue with the Delaware School Board Association.  This will save the district $13,000 a year.  Christina, in their vote last September, saved over $21,000 by withdrawing from the association.  Their president, James Hudson, said DSBA “no longer has the capacity to represent our interests statewide and in the Delaware legislature.” 

This is very interesting.  Two school districts in the state.  Will others follow?  At last month’s state board of education, DSBA President Sue Francis did indicate she would be working with Academy of Dover in helping their school board get situation after their tumultuous formal review.  This will be something to watch in the upcoming school year…