Christina School District & Delaware DOE Reach Agreement On Priority Schools

It was revealed yesterday that the Christina School District and the Delaware Department of Education finally reached a signed agreement over the eighteen month priority school battle.  As shown below, Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Steven Godowsky formally wrote a letter to the State Board of Education indicating this.  As one of their conditional approvals for the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission redistricting plan, the State Board can no longer complain about this in their meetings.

Christina School District citizens face a referendum in 13 days.  I really like a lot of what I’m seeing from the district in terms of what they have planned for the money raised from the referendum.  Brian Stephan wrote an excellent article on Delaware Liberal earlier this morning about what the district will allocate the funds for and I like a lot of their ideas.

In the meantime, see the letter that ends the long DOE-State Board-Christina battle over three schools.  Is this the same agreement from a year ago?


Read the Agreement between Christina School District & Delaware DOE over Priority Schools

So after all the Delaware Department of Education’s huffing and puffing, their bullying tactics, and media manipulation, it comes down to this.  The schools get to keep their principals, no teachers have to reapply, and the schools will most likely be a part of a redistricting effort in Wilmington, Delaware.  Like I’ve said before, if anyone told me this would happen three months ago, I would have called you a liar.

The other night at the Imagine Delaware forum, chair of the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee Tony Allen, when asked about the committee’s stance on the priority schools, Allen said the initiative really brought forth the whole conversation about the future of Wilmington’s schools.  He stated it has been a culmination of events, but this really got people to stand up and take notice.

The Christina Board, for all their in-fighting and debating during very long and many board meetings, stood their ground and told the DOE they will not bow down to their dictatorial authority.  And it worked, because now we have this: