Charter Schools Must Really Think Parents Are Complete Idiots…This Time It Blew Up In Their Face!

Yesterday, a charter school set to open in the fall had an open house.  A citizen of Delaware went to check it out, and talked with a special education director.  She asked the director if she was familiar with the laws that will come out of Senate Bill 33, the IEP Task Force legislation that Governor Markell is signing in a couple days.  The special ed director said yes, and she was on the task force.  The citizen was very shocked, and explained to the director that she was not on the task force because she was and had never seen the director at any of the meetings.  The director insisted and told the citizen she must not have gone to all of the meetings.  She informed her she went to every single one.  Then the director asked her what she was doing there and got very snooty.

When I heard this I laughed hysterically.  Really?  Do they think we are that stupid?