Thirty-Five Years Ago… 1983


1983.  It was a crazy, crazy year for me.  One that started with a death and ended with a severe punishment.  Puberty hit and I was out of control.  It was the year 7th grade led to 8th grade and all that goes with that.  But it was also the year seeds were planted for a couple of things that didn’t bloom until later.  But let’s get to the historical stuff first.

Delaware Met Students Speak Out About Teachers Smoking, Taking McD’s Breaks, & Not Teaching

Delare Met

Last night, the Delaware Met had their formal review public hearing at the Carvel Building up in Wilmington.  About six students and four parents showed up.  The school’s acting head of school, Teresa Gerchman with Innovative Schools, didn’t show up.  Two students gave public comment about their teachers not giving instruction, and frequent “breaks” including smoking, ordering McDonalds, and leaving the school to go to the store.  One parent asked the Delaware DOE to shut the school down, and two others want them to stay open.  I think the students win this one, and I’m glad they had the bravery to speak up about their concerns with the school.  I can’t wait to see this transcript!