DE Senate Education Committee Could Have House Bill 50 This Week, Email Them NOW! They go on recess for two weeks after next week!

House Bill 50, Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

The Delaware Senate Education Committee meets on Wednesdays, around the same time as the House Education Committee.  There is only one bill on the agenda, and it is NOT House Bill 50.  It’s Senate Bill 79, which is about student data.  Sponsored by Chair of the Senate Education Committee David Sokola, it’s important.  But email them all that you want House Bill 50 on the agenda as well!!!!!

Here is a collective email for all of them:

Some things to keep in mind.  This is a much smaller group than the House Education Committee.  Aside from Pettyjohn on Facebook,  who said he will vote yes, not many of these Senators have made their views on this publicly known recently.  And as we learned from the House vote, we cannot assume that just because they voted yes for House Bill 334, the Smarter Balanced Assessment legislation, that they will vote no for House Bill 50. My best recommendation is to go easy.  If they come out and say NO, then I would use your best persuasive arguments to sway them.  This is unchartered territory my friends.  But remember, there are only eight of them.  I have a sneaking suspicion I know how some of them will vote, but I don’t want to assume and tick anyone off either way.  Some of these Senators have been around a long time.

Chair: Senator David Sokola

Bethany Hall-Long

Margaret Rose-Henry

Ernie Lopez

Robert Marshall

Brian Pettyjohn

Nicole Poore

Bryan Townsend