Governor Jack Markell Has 10 Days To Sign Opt-Out Bill AFTER He Requests It @Governor Markell #SignHB50NOW

Governor Markell, House Bill 50, Parent Opt-Out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment

Delaware Governor Jack Markell has a big mess on his hands, but it isn’t on his desk.  Most people thought Markell has ten days to sign a bill or it becomes law.  This is NOT the case.  The Governor has to request the bill and then the 10 day clause kicks in.  He could let this bill linger until the end of the 148th General Assembly, which won’t be until June 30th 2016.  What this means for all the supporters of parent opt-out and House Bill 50 is we are not done with our work!

We need to massively email bomb Governor Markell.  We need to post on his Facebook account, and tweet him all day long with the hashtag #SignHB50NOW so he gets as much exposure as possible.  If you want to see his public schedule and you are in the area, please go.  He needs to understand how hard parents fought for this bill, and every day he goes without requesting it is a slap in the face of parents and students.  His email is and his Facebook page can be found here:

Even Diane Ravitch wrote about Delaware’s opt-out legislation.  I’ve already commented asking her readers to do the same thing we need to do.  We can’t afford to wait, because the longer we do, the longer nothing happens.  And before you know it, the Smarter Balanced Assessment will be back in our schools and parents will be intimidated over opt-out, schools will be held accountable for the test, and all our fight would have been for nothing.

The #SignHB50NOW Party For @GovernorMarkell Begins NOW @UnitedOptOut @BadassParents @ParentalRights

Governor Markell, House Bill 50

Delaware will have a parent opt-out bill IF Governor Jack Markell.  Our House and Senate passed it last week.  Our legislative session ends Tuesday at midnight.  We need the Governor to sign this bill! Retweet, post on Facebook everywhere, tell your friends, tell your enemies, scream it from the rooftops “SIGN HB 50 NOW Governor Markell!”  His Facebook page is and I would post this on any education article you see on there.  Message him.  Email him.  His email is and tell him why you want this bill signed.  This isn’t just for Delaware.  This is for ALL of America.  It’s no secret Markell has his eye on a bigger prize than Delaware.  Trust me when I say we don’t want another Arne Duncan!

Oregon’s Governor signed legislation very similar to this the other day.  Let’s make it a two-peat America!