High School Juniors in Delaware Are Getting Tested Beyond The Point of Insanity!!!!

Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

A friend put this up on Facebook, and this testing is getting out of control.  Yes, Mark Murphy, kids go to school to test.  But they also go to school to learn, and to become students wanting to learn.  How can students learn if all they do is test?  If I were a parent of a Delaware junior, the first test I would opt them out of is the Smarter Balanced Assessment, which is exactly what this parent did.  AP exams and SATs are much more important than this farce of an assessment.  This sample schedule of what juniors have to face is going to be the breaking point for many parents.  Shame on you DOE, State Board, Mark Murphy and Governor Markell for making this the central highlight of your education reform movement in Delaware!

4/13 – 5/29 – Component V Post Tests (Given at teachers’ discretion)

4/15 – In-School SAT

4/16 – 5/1 – Review and Preparation for AP Exams

5/4 – 5/15 – AP Exams

5/18 – Smarter Balanced Math CAT (Computer Adaptive Test)

5/19 – Smarter Balanced ELA CAT (Computer Adaptive Test)

5/20 – Smarter Balanced ELA PT (Performance Task)

5/26 – Smarter Balanced Math PT day 1 (Performance Task)

5/27 – Smarter Balanced Math PT day 2 (Performance Task)

5/28 – US History DCAS (End of Course)

5/29 – DCAS/Smarter Balanced Make-ups

6/1 – 6/4 – Underclassmen Final Exams (9th – 11th)

6/5 – Underclassmen Make-up Final Exams

Delaware Parents: If you want your child to go to school to be tested, then by all means, don’t opt them out.  But if you want your child to be a student that is excited to learn and not be tested like a guinea pig, then please, opt your child out NOW!  Secretary Murphy doesn’t care about parents, students, teachers or anything but his corporate education reform movement.  His love affair of all things standardized has marginalized YOUR child’s education.  The best way to stop this is to OPT OUT NOW!!!!!