Coup D’etat Attempt At Red Clay Board Meeting Tonight?

One way or another, the Red Clay Consolidated School District Board of Education will have a new board President tonight.  Mike Piccio is gone.  Usually, the President-Elect would naturally assume the role.  Which would be Martin Wilson.  But apparently some folks involved with the district are throwing around a very old allegation that Wilson doesn’t live in the nominating district he was elected from.  I reached out to a few other folks who said this old chestnut is completely false and there are other factors at play.

My question would be “why is this coming up now?”  I was directed to an old Kilroy’s Delaware article that is well over a decade old.  I couldn’t find it.  I believe Kilroy used BlogSpot before WordPress so they were purged a long time ago.  But I did find an article from 2010 where Kilroy endorsed Wilson for his second run on the board.  Wilson is African-American and with all the movement by this board about equity, it would be good to have an African-American President of the board.

It appears there are others on the Red Clay board who desire the President and President-Elect roles.  And they haven’t exactly been quiet about this fact.  I would say to these board members that if they want me to go after someone, they had best be able to provide proof of their allegation and contact me directly instead of sending someone else to do it.  I don’t appreciate being used to stir up trouble where there is none.  Cause that makes me wonder about the motivation by the person sent my way.

I don’t like political games like this.  While a district school board isn’t exactly a big deal in the long run, in a state as small as Delaware and the fact this is coming from the largest district in the state which does wield a significant amount of influence on education, it makes me wonder why I would endorse these two members to have a leadership role on the board when they resort to petty parlor tricks like this.  In the end, a district board president or vice-president simply leads the meeting and in some cases sets the agenda.  It is a title role that looks pretty on paper and you might get a gavel depending on your district.

Oh, and if you want me to do a hatchet job on someone, do some homework first.  This was already brought up in court and the judge ruled that Wilson could serve from this nominating district.  Not that it is anyone’s business but Martin Wilson himself, but did any of these busybodies attempt to ask Wilson himself why he went before the court to get a ruling on this to begin with?  Not my business to get that information out there because it is not their business.  There is a fine line I will not go over with blogging and this is one of those situations.  Wilson did his due diligence and that is ALL that matters.

If you are going to serve on a school board, I would stick to what school boards do: oversee a district in the best interests of children.  Not this… never this.  I might be a lot of things, but I do have integrity and I will not bury someone so someone else gets a little bit of power on a school board.  If this destroys a friendship or an association, so be it.  If you valued me in any way to begin with you wouldn’t have attempted this stunt so no loss on my part.  And an FYI: I smelled the piranha in the kiddie pool immediately.  Just be grateful I’m not saying YOUR names.

Governor Markell Is Lying To The People Of Delaware, He Needs To Apologize To Those Who Have More Honor Than Him

On WHYY last Friday, July 10th, Governor Markell talked about many topics but House Bill 50 was the big topic.  When asked what he would do with the bill, he said it had not been sent to him yet.  He is lying.  The official protocol is his office requests it.  He flat-out lied to the people of Delaware.  Sure, he can squirm out of it by saying they didn’t send it and he forgot to say he hasn’t requested it, but that would be a coward’s way out.  He intentionally misled parents.  The legislators I have spoken with on this issue said the Governor always requests bills.

With all the disgusting and reprehensible behavior from schools, administrators, the DOE, Secretary Mark Murphy, State Rep. Earl Jaques, State Rep. Michael Barbieri (the one who is resigning), Senator Dave Sokola, Rodel, the Delaware Business Roundtable, and the State Board of Education, you would think the Governor would at least be honest with the people of Delaware, but I suppose that was too much to ask for from the highest elected official in our state.  It’s one thing if he doesn’t like the bill, but he could at least respect and honor parents by doing something with it.  We deserve that much, but I guess we aren’t important to Jack Markell…

House Bill 50 would become law August 1st if Markell signs it.  That would give schools the time to prepare and make arrangements to notify parents and actually plan something academic for those students who are opted out.  But no, now we have the Governor playing games with the bill.  But nobody should be shocked.  He’s been doing this since February.  And now he doesn’t like it because of all the “black kids”.  Give me a break!  His Smarter Balanced, which he said is “the best test we ever made”, will move minorities, special needs students and low-income students further away from their peers.  But he and his precious DOE will use that to their advantage to make more priority schools and make them charters.  The war is coming, and we know what Markell wants: the City of Wilmington to be all charter schools.  And this is the guy that won an overwhelming amount of the vote when he was re-elected in 2012?  What a joke…