Delaware Dallas Cowboys Fan Files Suit Against Charter School Closing For Eagles Victory Parade

Sports Team Discrimination Lawsuit

I received a hot tip that “Student X” in Wilmington has filed a lawsuit against a charter school because they are closing on Thursday based on the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade.  In an exclusive and ultra-rare interview with Exceptional Delaware, the student said the following:

It ain’t right.  Not only did I have to endure countless Eagles pep rallies last week but then I had to watch the stupid game.  I hate Tom Brady but I hate those cheese-steak eating fans even more.  Do you remember the Dallas riots after we won five Super Bowls?  I don’t cause it never happened.  But Philly will go down like Rome after Caligula by the time this parade ends!  This is discrimination.  If students wore Eagles stuff to school one day it was okay.  But if you didn’t, you had to wear our crappy charter school uniform.  What’s up with that?  My mom works three jobs and she barely makes ends meet.  Now she has to fork over her hard-earned money to get me daycare for Thursday.  I don’t care if the school principal wants to go.  She never comes to school as it is.  From someone who actually wants to learn in school this is crazy.  Now they are going to make us do four days of work in three days just so our bird-loving leader can get confetti in her face.

In Student X’s lawsuit, he claimed the school was forcing discrimination.  As well, a clause of intent to humiliate was included.  Student X said the following:

You have no idea the agony I had to face this entire football season.  When Wentz went down like a sack of potatoes, I almost got suspended for laughing about it.  But then this Foles guy, a back-up quarterback, led by a guy who taught high school football ten years ago, gets to the friggin’ Super Bowl and then actually win it… you can only imagine the kind of comments I got yesterday.

Student X is asking for any other non-Eagles fans to join his lawsuit.

I don’t care if you are a Steelers, Giants, or even a Cleveland Browns fan.  We have rights too.  We live in Delaware, not Philadelphia.  We are the First State which means we were the first to sign the Constitution.  I’m pretty sure our freedom loving forefathers didn’t expect this kind of segregation and discrimination.  Delaware is The First State.  We don’t have any national teams.  We are the melting pot of the East Coast.  Which means any of us get to be fans of any team.  I will not stand for this affront to our beliefs.  How can it be school choice if those choices are ripped away from us like the Giants season after game three of this season?  While I did enjoy seeing Tom Brady cry like Marsha Brady, watching the Eagles win this thing was the nightmare after Christmas.

As, uhm, more news on this breaking news comes to light, I will keep you updated!