Governor Jack Markell Blasts Teachers With Judgemental Comments

“We know that some people don’t agree with higher standards and accountability.”

Avi Wolfman-Arent updated his DSEA article late yesterday with the above quote from Governor Jack Markell.  The Education Governor is absolutely right, and it starts with him.  The people of Delaware need higher standards and accountability with their Governor.  We are tired of the comments meant to bring down teachers, parents and students who object to any of his authoritarian methods.  We want someone that understands education is more than test scores.  Our definition of higher standards is not the same as yours.  Higher standards would be making sure the funding cuts were restored.  Accountability would mean recognizing your own failures with education.  You are not a teacher and you have never been a teacher.  You are a savvy businessman, and that’s how you have chosen to run the government of Delaware.

You issue all your proclamations after everything has been put in place, and then get snippy with people when they object to it.  That’s not a democracy, that’s a dictatorship.  Education isn’t some elite country club, it’s a place where children of all different colors, minds and circumstances come to learn.  But you don’t seem to understand that.  You need to come off your hill and get down with the people Jack.  It’s not about us bowing down to your agenda.  It’s about you serving the people.  If we are all screaming “hey, this isn’t good” you need to start listening.  This your way or the highway isn’t working.  Can’t you see that?

At the end of the day, before you crawl into bed, you are a human being, just like the rest of us.  You aren’t perfect.  You’re decisions aren’t perfect.  I challenge you to do something tonight Governor Markell.  Look in the mirror.  Take a good long look.  See what’s in your eyes, in your soul.  Ask yourself this one simple question: Do you truly believe in your own high standards and accountability?  Because unless you are privy to some top-secret information the rest of us don’t know about and you are doing this for the good of the citizens of your state, then you are mistaken.