Students in Delaware May Bring Something Home This Week That Is Very Puzzling **UPDATED**

Earlier this year, the Delaware 148th General Assembly passed Senate Bill 94 and this was signed by Governor Jack Markell on 8/4/15.  This bill is to help keep track of students who may have military in their family.

This Act requires the Department to develop a regulation for the identification of a “military-connected youth”. The Act further provides that this identification is not a public record, is protected by the federal Family Educational and Privacy Act and shall not be used for purposes of determining school achievement, growth or performance. The purpose of this identification is to ensure the necessary individuals at the school level are aware of any military connected youth for services and supports.

The exact area that was added to Delaware code is as follows:

Amend § 122(b), Title 14 of the Delaware Code

(27)  Developing a process for districts and charter schools to annually identify enrolled students who is a “military connected youth”. For purposes of this section, a “military-connected youth” means having an immediate family member, including a parent, step-parent, sibling or any other person residing in the same household, who is on active duty in; serving in the reserve component; or recently retired from of a “branch of the United States armed forces.” For purposes of this section, “branch of the United States armed forces” means:

(1) United States Army;

(2) United States Air Force;

(3) United States Marine Corps;

(4) United States Navy;

(5) National Guard;

(6) United States Coast Guard;

(7) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; or

(8) United States Public Health Service.

The identification of a “military-connected youth” shall not be used for purposes of determining school achievement, growth, or performance. Provided further, the identification of a “military-connected youth” is not a public record under Delaware’s Freedom of Information Act [Chapter 100 of Title 29] or any other law and shall not be made public by any person, except as permitted under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, 20 U.S.C. § 1232g. et seq. Rules and regulations on this subject shall be proposed by the Secretary subject to approval by the State Board of Education.

Parents may see a form in their child’s book-bag with the following information:

“Impact Aid” or “Federal Impact Survey Card”: It asks for “Pupil Data” and “Employment Data (Uniformed Services Only)”.

This is not a bad thing and it is designed to help students who have connections to the Military.  This way if someone is deployed all of a sudden, or something happens, the school will know and be able to help the student out. 

Updated, 9:54pm: I reached out to the Delaware DOE on this and they said this is NOT connected w/Senate Bill 94.  I did find out WHAT “Impact Aid” is and I will post something tomorrow about it…