The Four Coins

The Four Coins

I wrote this story many moons ago.  I don’t remember exactly when, but I know it was when I was a teenager.  Which puts this somewhere between 1983 to 1987.  I am sharing it with you now as a testament to my love for the true meaning of Christmas.  It is a poorly written story, with some obvious inspiration from “The Little Drummer Boy” and some other Christmas short stories.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Abraham who was a beggar.  His parents had died when he was only three years old.  He wandered the streets of Bethlehem asking for money or food.  He rarely got anything he asked for.

One time he asked a soldier for some money and the soldier whipped him, and he had the scar when he was much older. 

One evening he saw a man and a woman who looked like they might be traveling, and the woman was shivering on the donkey she was on.  The boy gave her the blanket he was using to keep him warm and the man gave the boy four coins for his good deed.  Abraham left thinking what he could do with the coins.

An hour or so later the boy was still walking and he looked up to the sky to see a beautiful star.  Shepherds passed by him heading to the shining star.  He saw the city lights as he followed the shepherds.  He came upon a stable and inside it was the man and woman  he had helped a while ago.  He also saw a baby wrapped in swaddling clothing, and saw the gifts around him.  The boy still had the gifts in his mind when he was about to leave, when he remembered that the coins were still in his hand.  The boy started crying and went to the stable and put the coins next to the baby.