Delaware DOE Comes Up Short In Their Lobbying Against House Bill 50

From Mike Matthews Facebook page.  I must have been so busy typing my article about the bill passing that I completely missed this.

Best comment of the HB 50 vote came just after the vote, when Rep. Danny Short from Sussex said that there’s some real education discussions we need to have in this state. He alluded to a serious disconnect with DoE when they called him recently to lobby him to not support the opt out bill. They told him “Representative, we can meet you in Wilmington any day.” Only problem? Rep. DANNY Short lives in Sussex. Rep. Bryon Short lives in North Wilmington. DoE couldn’t even differentiate between the Shorts in the House. Huge. Dis. Con. Nect.

All I can say is … WOW!  And these are the people we are supposed to trust to oversee education in our state?