Delaware PTA Kent County Parent Opt Out Town Hall on Tuesday, March 3rd, 5:30pm, Dover Library

You have to register to get in on this, and I don’t know how many slots are left.  You can register at:

If this is anything like the Newcastle one a couple weeks ago, expect a lot of emotion in the air.  I’m not saying to yell and scream.  Parents and teachers (who are also parents) will be very upset about some of the answers given to them by the Delaware Department of Education.  But understand they have their own agendas, and ahem, interpretations of the law in the state they reside in.  As well, the Federal law clearly states schools can not opt out children.  But NOTHING about parents.

Many have asked me how school choice plays a role in this, and if students will be penalized if they attempt to choice next year and they had opted out.  I plan on calling ALL the districts and charters to get answers on this.  I would think the same constitutional rights for a parent opting their child out could not be used against a student.  I think the districts and charters would be very foolhardy to open themselves up to potential litigation in that area.

Please come, even if you don’t want to opt your child out.  Maybe this meeting will convince you, maybe it won’t.  But at least consider your options.