Rape At Least Two Students & Get Probation? Something Is Wrong With Our Justice System!

Karen Brooks

Karen Brooks, a former Smyrna Middle School Special Education Diagnostician, pled guilty to raping two underage students.  Her sentence? Probation!  They could have set a crystal-clear example with her and given her jail time, but no, they give her probation.

According to Craig Anderson with Delaware State News (who has hit grand slam home runs lately by the way), reported the following:

Smyrna Middle School Education Diagnostician Arrested For Having Sex With A Student

Karen Brooks

On the website for Smyrna Middle School, they list their core values: compassion, integrity, perseverance, respect, and responsibility.  For Education Diagnostician Karen Brooks, those values didn’t seem to stop her from what led to her arrest Wednesday evening.  The charges: two counts of 4th degree rape.  In other words, sex with a minor.  The student attended Smyrna Middle School but now goes to Smyrna High School.  Brooks was suspended from the school recently.

I have to ask: What in God’s name possesses someone to do this?  I know, innocent before guilty.  But one thing I do want to say, while this is not the first time this happened, it should not put a spotlight on ALL teachers.  As in any profession, people do bad things.  In this case, a very bad thing.  But it doesn’t mean ALL teachers are bad.  This was a person in a position of trust for this student and she should not have abused that position.  She did, and she will pay a price for that.  But it should never shine a negative light on the entirety of the teaching profession.

This isn’t the first time this happened in Smyrna School District, but for every one teacher that does this, there are hundreds of awesome teachers out there.  I pray the student is able to get past this and move on with their life.