Anonymous Email Gives Details About Campaign Sign Theft In Christina School District

I received an anonymous email last week from someone who did not give themselves a name.  They claimed to have many details about the theft of Christina School Board member Elizabeth Paige’s campaign signs on May 7th.  While the allegations are purely that, they do give very alarming information about another member of the Christina board.  I have forwarded this information to the Wilmington Police Department as well for them to investigate the veracity of the claims in this email.  If anyone has any information on this matter, please contact the Wilmington Police Department.  (Updated, 5/19/16, 5:52pm: Actually it is the New Castle County Police Department which is where Paige filed a police report when her signs were stolen on 5/7/16.)

While the below email asked for confidentiality, it comes from someone anonymous.  I am all in on protecting someone’s identity, but if it is anonymous and you live 3,000 miles away, I think the best thing to do is to give this information to law enforcement so they can help solve the crime based on the information.  The only reason I’m posting this is because the information is vague and maybe someone can fill in the gaps.

From: Rated Many <>
Wednesday, May 11, 2016 11:58 PM
stolen campaign signs

Due to the sensitive nature of the following message and for fear of retaliation I hereby request that this email remains confidential and all personal information shall not be shared or used as a source. Please I ask that you respect my wishes.

Saturday I received several calls from an online acquaintance who I have known for several years. His name is (deleted by request) but goes by (deleted by request). The calls relating to the signs began about noon my time because I live in the Southwest and that is two time zones behind. (deleted by request) was bragging about driving his friend’s older Honda Civic to the schools picking up campaign signs for some board member named Shirley. He said the reason he was picking up her signs was related to an incident involving a racial slur and a bus attendant several years ago. I continued receiving calls as he was updating me on the progress he made towards his goals of collecting all the signs from every school and to dump them in dumpsters of a low income apartment complex.
Fast forward until Tuesday when I spoke with (deleted by request) again he had changed his entire story. (deleted by request) informed me that he was running the election campaign for Desiree Brady. I have no reason to believe that she was aware of his actions prior to the election. (deleted by request) did claim several times that he was in communication with the board president and that she was aware of his intentions and encouraged him to remove the signs. I cannot confirm if that is true or not as that is just what he had told me over the phone. (deleted by request) was proud and amused by your post on the missing signs so he shared it with me in doing so making it possible for me to contact you about this incident without his knowledge. I am a firm believer in Karma yet despite his efforts to sabotage the other candidate I found justice that he was devastated by the outcome of the election.
(deleted by request) states he will continue to participate in the school board meetings at some capacity. I will be letting you know personally the next time he concocts other sinister schemes.

Updated, 5/19/16, 5:53pm: There is much more going on with this story behind the scenes.  I’m waiting on someone to do the right thing.  In the meantime, I have lifted a comment out of moderation that may shed some light on this.