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A Delaware Blog Returns At Last! Welcome Back Parents of Christina!

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After a five-month absence, Parents of Christina is back!  Parents of Christina was started by Harry and Melanie Curriden years ago to talk about their daughter with Autism as well as their struggles with the education system in Delaware.  PoC could be very controversial at times, and I’m sure Governor Jack Markell didn’t always like to read it!

Sadly, Harry Curriden passed away last June.  Understandably so, Melanie took a hiatus from the blog.  But she’s back, and ready to give Delaware readers another spin on education in our state.  Last Monday, Melanie wrote the following:

Monday, November 10, 2014

I’m back!

Since September, I have been unable to hit “publish” on several posts I started .  When our lives change so do your priorities (that’s what I told myself anyway).  My daughter has a way of making me see what truly matters.
Over the weekend we were having a talk about school and she mentioned autism.  She understands autism makes certain things more of a challenge, but she knows I am extremely proud of her.   She said to me “I despise autism.”   Yes, despise hate is a word we try not to use in our home.  I explained that autism is a part of her and she is much more than autism and I love her very much.
This was the first time she has wanted to talk about autism and it seemed very troubling to her, so I gave her some time.   Later, I asked her what she didn’t like about autism and her response, “the sign at school—Delaware program.”  She explains that she has gone to several schools that were “wrong” and wants to know why she can’t go back to a school helped her regain a love for learning.

I will stop about my daughter due to privacy issues, but PoC was created to inform and help other parents advocate for their children.  Harry and I started PoC because we knew we weren’t along and then the issues all children are facing with education reform.  
My blogging hiatus is over not only to speak for my daughter,  but also because of the emails and Facebook messages I have received over the last month.  PoC was not created or supported by the district due the honesty my late husband Harry and I shared, and that honesty will continue.

Welcome back Melanie!  I can’t wait to read new articles from you.  Your voice has been sorely missed around the Delaware blogging world!  Readers can check out Parents of Christina at the following link: http://www.parentsofchristina.org/