I could stare at this picture for hours and get lost in it.

Northern Lights



My friend Kavips gave me a brilliant idea to try to get a hit from Greenland, so I started researching blogs from Greenland and I came across this picture from http://kunuk86.blogspot.dk/ and I thought this has to be the most peaceful, quiet place on the planet.  It’s so hard to get out of our daily lives and take the time to see the beauty in this world.  This is a place I want to one day visit.

I Need Readers From China, The Stans, Greenland and Africa




WordPress, in your blog statistics, gives you a nice colored map of the world showing different colors for the amount of readers from each country.  Some of them aren’t colored in yet!  The biggest ones are China, all the Stan countries except for Pakistan, and Greenland.  Please help me to fill the gaps.   I also only have about 1/3rd of Africa colored in as well.  And then there is that pesky country in the middle of South America that needs to start reading special education blogs in Delaware!

Exceptional Delaware cannot conquer the world without readers from every country!  So let’s get on it world!