Thirty Years Ago… 1988

1988.  The year I graduated high school!  In this look back at thirty years ago, I cover my life and the world we lived in.  You may see some familiar faces.  For the younger crowd looking at this, I have no doubt you will crack up at the society we called our own!  But my generation owned the 1980s! Continue reading

Congratulations To The Delaware Class Of 2018! You Are The Last Class To…

Delaware high school seniors are having or had their high school graduations.  Congrats to all of you!  I hope you all have bright futures ahead of you.  This class also has something very significant that the next generation of high school graduates won’t be able to say. Continue reading

Ex Brandywine/Pennsylvania Superintendent’s Awesome Speech To House Education Committee

Delaware needs Superintendents like this who will speak with such passion and honesty.  Which one can do it first?  This is my challenge to ALL of you.  It’s time to stop the cycle of abuse being perpetrated on our schools by Governor Markell, the DOE and the US DOE.  Superintendents have some of the largest voices in our communities, and you carry a lot of weight with people.  We need you to speak up now!  See what former Brandywine Superintendent James Scanlon had to say about all this nonsense in education these days!  Dr. Mark Holodick and Dr. Scanlon are miles apart on this.  We need more Scanlons!