Special Education Law Firm McAndrews Opens Office In Georgetown, IEP Clinic On 11/16

McAndrews Law

The special education law firm of McAndrews Law Offices, P.C. is opening a new office in Georgetown, Delaware in an effort to more adequately serve parents in lower Delaware.  Prior to this, their only office in Delaware was in Wilmington.  This will be a big help to parents.  If you are having special education issues with your child’s school and you are not able to resolve them, I would reach out to McAndrews.

On Monday, November 16th, they are having two education clinics in Georgetown in conjunctions with Delaware Community Legal Aid Society, Inc.  Here is a flyer:

Flyer - November 16th Education Clinics

While some schools can’t stand McAndrews because of lawsuits, they provide an essential service in Delaware and surrounding states by holding schools accountable for violations of special education law.  If our special education system in Delaware did the right thing there would be no need for McAndrews, but until then they are desperately needed.  It sounds like business is thriving in Delaware if they are opening a second office.  Which means kids are not getting the services they legally deserve.  Which also means schools are in violation.  Any reader of this blog knows I am a huge advocate for special education rights and I will always advise parents to do what is best for their child, not the school.  I do recommend trying to work things out with a school, but when you hit that wall (any parents who have been through this know exactly what I’m talking about) you need to advocate for your child and if you have to go that next step, McAndrews is ready to help and evaluate the situation.

As part of their advocacy, McAndrews goes a step further and holds these clinics throughout the year to educate parents about their rights.  This is something the firm’s founder and managing partner Dennis McAndrews wants all his attorneys to do with these clinics and through community outreach.  I attended one of these clinics a year and a half ago and it was well attended and parents learned many things they were not aware of.

For any parents in Kent County or Sussex County who may be in need of legal advice for special education matters, I would give them a call today!

DE Senator Brian Pettyjohn To Read The Declaration of Independence For July 4th

4th of July, DE Senator Brian Pettyjohn

Delaware Senator Brian Pettyjohn is a good guy.  I met him a few times down at Legislative Hall, and he supported House Bill 50, so he’s alright in my book!  Tomorrow he is going beyond the usual parade appearance and reading to a live audience!

Sen. Pettyjohn to Host Reading
of Declaration of Independence

Sen. Brian Pettyjohn will be joined by a group of local elected officials on Saturday, July 4 at noon on the Circle in Georgetown for the third annual live reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Sen. Pettyjohn, the event’s host, wishes to invite the general public to come and enjoy the spirit of the holiday, and to watch this tribute to our nation’s Founding Fathers.

“The Declaration of Independence is probably our most important founding document,” he said. “We severed the ties to a tyrannical government and started the great experiment which is now the republic that we’ve had for over 200 years.”
The weather is expected to cooperate this year, but in case of rain the event will take place at the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department (one block off the circle on South Bedford Street).

Some would say life under Governor Jack Markell is tyrannical, but we don’t have it that bad!