Another New Delaware Blogger: Welcome To This Crazy World “fixdeldoe”

We have a new blogger in Delaware.  With the very aptly timed name of fixdeldoe, I look forward to seeing more posts!  I like what I’ve seen so far.  Please go to and if you’re a blogger, please add them to your blogroll.

And check out some of the awesome posts Who’s Minding the Children has put up lately as well at  This blogger doesn’t cut corners and puts it all out there!

Both these blogs seem to be written by teachers, for teachers and parents.  Since Mike Matthews doesn’t blog anymore, let’s give these newbies a shot!  Fresh perspectives are always good, especially these days.  We need all the voices we can get!  The only thing I don’t like, and this is absolutely no fault of these bloggers, is that they are anonymous.  Teachers have been forced to be silent on many issues.  I can’t wait until the day the chains break and they can speak freely without fear of repercussion.  Until that day, and even after, I will support them as much as I can on here.