Books I’ve Read

Books I've Read

While rearranging the placement of some books at my house, I realized I’ve read a ton of books over the years.  This list will not be complete by any stretch of the imagination.  These are actual books, and not comic books or graphic novels.  I see those as a distinctively different kind of “book”.  I do a lot of reading when I’m not blogging, working, doing chores, spending time with my son, or doing whatever.  I wish there were 48 hours in a day and I still only needed seven hours sleep!

Who Shot The Blogger? The Not So Amazing Eight! Vote Now! Markell Vs. Herdman!!!!

Murder Mystery

We are down to the last eight suspects out of the original 32.  Eliminated in the last round was Family Foundations “On Leave” Head of School Sean Moore, “Resigned” Academy of Dover Head of School Noel Rodriguez, Delaware DOE/Ex Charter School Office Executive Director John Carwell, Kilroy’s Commenter and Charter School loving Publius, DE State Board of Education President “I’m on the board of a company the DOE pays for services” Dr. Teri Quinn Gray, Ex Providence Creek & Campus Community Head of School & current President of Delaware Charter Schools Network Chuck Taylor, “Segregation is just a myth” Delaware Charter Schools Network Director Kendall Massett, and finally, Kilroy’s commenter Greg the Crab Bucket guy.

The final four polls have some very interesting battles.  A deputy secretary vs. the public informations officer.  The final anonymous Kilroy’s blog commenter vs. the Priority Schools Diva.  The “Rigor” Skipper Governor vs. the “non-profit” director.  The bewildering and unpopular Gilligan wannabe Secretary of Education vs. the guy who plots and plans how to make public school districts ineffective.  I am very interested to see who makes it to the final four.  The polls will run for three days.





*as always with this farce of an unreal situation, none of the suspects are actually violent people.  This is pure satire on my part, and I didn’t really get shot and killed or I wouldn’t be typing this.  I love all these people, like I love gum on my shoe.  They are a part of the landscape for education in Delaware.  That reminds me, I need to do some weeding….