I Am But A Shadow Of My Former Self

Father-Son Bonding


I’m not much of a photographer, but I thought this was a pretty cool shot.  I was taking pictures of the ocean yesterday, and I kept seeing my shadow in the shot.  I thought, what if I can get the whole thing.  It took a few tries, but this was the final result.


This came from an awesome day I had with my son at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.  I learned amusement park rides don’t agree with my aging body, and I am no longer the young man I have pretended to be in my mind.  But my youthful spirit is still strong!  As well, Grottos has some of the best sausage pizza in the state.  I’m just glad that part of our trip didn’t occur before the rides.


As we sat in Grottos, we played peek-a-boo with a one-year-old next to us as he kept saying “hi” to us.  We also played a game of “which channel is this tv show on”, and we debated which station Calliou is on.  It was different when he was a baby, but now it is on Sprout (he doesn’t watch it!).  Afterwards, my son was at the arcade, and that’s when I started taking pictures.


The best part was just hanging out with my son, away from all the education matters going on with him and this blog.  Just a day, for the two of us to bond.  On the drive back he fell asleep and I would peek back to watch him look so peaceful.