To The “education only” Commenter, Your Incendiary Information Needs To Be Vetted

Blog Commenters

I received a comment tonight from someone under the pseudonym “education only”.  When I receive a comment from a new poster, it goes into moderation.  That way this blog isn’t a free-for-all.  The information I received tonight was very specific in nature.  It was definitely, if true, very big information.  One that could change the landscape of education in Delaware.  But I need more than your say-so and an email address that isn’t real.  Cause I did email you, but it said email returned.  This usually makes me suspicious.  I can think of three reasons why you did this.

1) The information is very real and you are scared out of your mind.  I can’t say I blame you given the nature of what you said.  If this is the case, it should be very easy to reach out to me and you have my strictest confidence.  Information like that should not be reserved for a comment and I will investigate it.  And the truth will come out.

2) Part of the story is true, and you are seeing how I react to it.  This is the reaction.  And I would still like you to contact me with a REAL email address.  There is such a thing as blogger honor.  Ask any of my sources if I’ve ever revealed them.  Well, you can’t, cause I never revealed them.  Which is my point.  But this is for anyone giving me information, especially on an ongoing basis.  Let me know ahead of time if it is “off the record” or “okay to publish”.

3) You deliberately gave me the information thinking I would run an article on it and make a big stink about it, all the while you would have known it was false information.  If that’s the case, then you definitely have an axe to grind with me.  I get that.  I’ve made more enemies than friends lately on this blog.  I haven’t shied away from naming names and calling people out for their actions.  But if this is the case, do the courageous thing and actually contact me.  Sneak attacks trying to discredit me through anonymous blog comments may be your stock in trade, but I’m not that stupid.  You won’t be the first, and I’m sure you won’t be the last.  You are operating under the assumption that I will do anything to get buzz on this blog.  If that’s the case, then you’ve missed the whole point of why I do this.

A few months back, there was a commenter on here and Kilroy’s Delaware who was using multiple names on both our blogs.  Kilroy and I both knew it was the same person.  I’ve even reached out to a few people about the danger of doing that.  Anonymity has it’s purpose, but be consistent with it.  A good source is just that, and the wealth of information they can provide is always more important than outing them.  I always recommend sending emails from non-work addresses.  This is for your protection.  I have many ways of protecting information, and I will always do that as long as it is a two-way street.  But getting into the deeper side of things, if you play games with your anonymity, I will call you out on it, publicly or privately.  That’s just how I roll.

Given the nature of what I often write about, I’m sure you can understand my reasons for this.  Just as I understand the reasons behind being anonymous.  But if I can’t verify information, I won’t put it on here.  There are certain folks who give me information and they get a pass.  They’ve earned it, time and time again.  There are those who I wonder about, and where they are getting their information from.  You will rarely see stories based on this kind of information.  And then there is the completely outlandish and bizarre info I get.  But today’s commenter struck a chord with me, for many reasons.  Some you may one day find out, or it will disappear into the abyss never to be seen by anyone.  Your move “education only”.