While The Real Education Debate Was On Facebook Thursday Night, Jack Markell Was On Twitter!

Governor Markell

Life always has its moments of synchronicity.  While a lot of us were debating with Tony Allen on Facebook Thursday night about WEIC, education, Wilmington, Colonial, standardized testing and charter schools, Delaware Governor Markell answered five whole questions during a #delachat question and answer over on Twitter.  Here are the questions that were posed to Markell:

And here were his responses:

And there you have it!  While I respect the Governor’s honesty about some of the things he had to overcome as a child, I just can’t support a lot of what he says.  Especially when it comes to the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  His response about negative comments to education: get in the schools and see for yourself.  Really Jack?  I know you go to a lot of schools, but do you really think kids are going to be their normal selves when the Governor is visiting?  Of course they are going to be on their best behavior.  As much as I can’t stand you sometimes, you are the Governor.  But let’s get real for a minute: if you truly recognize the great things teachers are doing, why do you insist on all the teacher evaluations and accountability for schools?

One of my favorite teachers taught me to always question something if it doesn’t seem right.  That’s why I always have questions for you Jack!  Come over to Facebook one night Jack, no holds barred.  And none of this question limit stuff.  You answer on the fly without having to think about it.  I’m sure many of us would love the opportunity!  Let me know!

One final thing Jack: This is what you looked like when you had hair: