You Are Not Alone

Glenn Frey

What is with Mondays in 2016?  First David Bowie, and now Glenn Frey.  As long as I can remember, The Eagles were a part of my life.  Whether it was Glenn Frey, Don Henley, or Randy Meisner singing, I always knew it would be great.  I waited those long fourteen years until the band reunited in 1994.  I was finally able to see them live in 1995.  During the years between 1980 and 1994, Glenn Frey came out with a lot of excellent music.  Easily in my top 25 of all time is “Part of Me, Part of You”.

When The Eagles did finally reunite in 1994, it was a long thirteen years until they recorded an all-new studio album.  The wait was worth it as the whole album sounded like another Eagles Greatest Hits.  Glenn Frey sang a short song on the album called “You Are Not Alone”.  I always imagined it was about someone dying.  I listened to it before I started typing this article and I found myself grieving for one of the most distinct voices of all time.

This is way too soon after David Bowie, but I believe God has plans that are beyond our comprehension.  When I hear songs like this, I am reminded of our own mortality and how short our time on this world truly is.  When we lose someone close to us, it is very different then when a celebrity passes away.  To be honest, I really haven’t thought about my own mortality in a long time.  Too busy for that!  I would like to leave this world leaving some type of mark, if it for one person or more, it doesn’t matter to me.  I believe we all add a string to the tapestry of life.  The difference we make to another could be something so small but it can change everything for that person.  I’ve had many nights where Glenn Frey’s soothing voice, along with Don Henley, took me to those glory days of youth when we take so much for granted.

The Eagles will never be The Eagles again without Glenn Frey.  We have lost one of the best today folks.  If you are young and thought The Eagles were just a football team from Philadelphia, you really should give them a listen.  Add them to your playlist and remember a time when your parents or grandparents would sing these songs everyday.  Don’t think of us as old, but lucky!