DE DOE Manifesto: All Students Will Be College & Career Ready (Those Who Get a 3 or 4 On Smarter Balanced)

This is from just a few months back.  The latest DOE Master Plan, according to this Power Point from their leadership meeting.  No excuses kid.  You must get a 3 or 4 on Smarter Balanced if you want to succeed in life.  Just opt your kid out now!

Now if you happen to be a DOE representative, a member of the law enforcement community, a legislator or even Governor Markell himself, you are probably wondering how I came to be in a position to be able to publish all these “top-secret” presentations and notes.  Don’t worry, I didn’t hack into the DOE computer system.  Nor did I break in to the building and turn on computers and start digging away.  These ALL came from a FOIA recently.  So don’t worry, this is all public now because of that.  Breathe easy, you haven’t been compromised, you gave this information!