US DOE Letter To Mark Murphy About Parent Opt-Out, This Is An Empty Threat And Here’s Why…


The Delaware Department of Education provided me with the letter Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy referenced yesterday from the United States Department of Education in regards to potential losses of $90 million.  You can read the letter below.

Nowhere in this letter are any dollar amounts referenced.  Nowhere is an indication this WILL happen to any schools or districts.  But the most important part, and this is crucial, the entire letter is about what the schools and districts have to do.  I don’t know of any school or district not ensuring that the state assessment is provided for every student.  No school in Delaware has said “We aren’t giving this test to students.”  This is the key to the 95% game the US DOE and the Delaware DOE have been playing.  If the SCHOOL or DISTRICT fails to administer the test, or in simple terms, if they don’t give the option to every student, then they are out of compliance.  If a parent opts out after the school has ensured they will give the tests to all students, that is not on the school.  They have already provided their due diligence in allowing all students to take the test.  Nowhere in this letter does it state a parent cannot opt their child out of the state assessment in ANY state.  Nowhere in this letter does it state that due to opt out would a state lose Federal funding.  If the school, district or state DOE tells students, “you don’t have to take the test” and they go below 95%, that is when the law kicks in.  As for a law a state may have in regards to allowing parents to make this decision, this letter states nothing about that.  So all the threats of funding cuts from the Feds have been easily thwarted thanks to a letter from the US DOE!  Thank you!

I would highly recommend every single Delaware State Representative and State Senator receives a copy of this letter along with my information about this letter.  It is obvious far too many have been sucked in by the empty threats thrown their way by the DOE, Mark Murphy and Governor Markell.

The Complete 2015 Delaware School Board Candidate List

School Board Elections

If it’s March in Delaware, it must be school board filing season.  The hottest race appears to be Appoquinimink with eight candidates filing for one seat.  Indian River looks to have a lot of activity.  I predict Capital will be a very big election, as well as Red Clay.  Christina gets another George Evans term, marking the 5 billionth year he has served on the board.  There is only one election where nobody filed.  If a name is in italics, that means they can save their money and not worry about putting up any signs, cause they have it in the bag, unless nobody votes for them.


Appoquinimink: “At Large”, expires 2020- Michelle Wall, Tara Greathouse, Debbie Harrington, Ryan Scott, Mark Heck, Joanne Christian, Dainelle Hampton-Morton, William Weller

Brandywine: “District B”-  expires 2020- Arthur Kirksey, Kristen Pidgeon, John Pierson

“District E”-  expires 2020- Karen Gordon, Diana Hornung-Hamsby

Christina: “District A”-  expires 2020- George Evans

Colonial: “District B”- expires 2020- Ronald Pierce, Margaret Lucille Kennedy

“District D”, expires 2020- Nobody Filed

Red Clay Consolidated: “District B”, expires 2020- Caleb Brokaw (withdrew), Martin Wilson Sr., Alfred Lance Jr.

“District D”, expires 2020- Catherine Thompson


Caesar Rodney: “At Large”, expires 2020- William Bush III, Kevin Birney

Capital: “At Large”, expires 2020- Sharese Paylor, Ralph Taylor, Peter Servon

Lake Forest: “At Large”, expires 2016- Earle Dempsey, Elizabeth Brode

“At Large”, expires 2018- Austin Auen, Andrea Miller

“At Large”, expires 2020- James Rau

Milford: “At Large”, expires 2020- Kent DelRossi, Ronald Evans Jr., K. Yvette Dennehy

Smyrna: “At Large”, expires 2020- Christine Malec


Cape Henlopen: “At Large”, expires 2020- Roni Posner, Carl Smink, Jose Saez

“Area B”, expires 2020-  Jason Bradley, Gary Wray

Delmar: “At Large”, expires 2020- Becky Neubert, Raymond Vincent Jr.

Indian River: “District 1”, expires 2020- James Hudson, Miguel Pirez-Fabar, James Fritz

“District 2”, expires 2020- Shaun Fink

“District 4”, expires 2020- Judith Teoli, Mary Langan, Gregory Goldman, Charles Bireley, Lloyd Elling

Laurel: “At Large”, expires 2020- Brent Nichols, Kimberly Trivits, John Bowden

Seaford: “At Large”, expires 2020- Jeffrey Benson

Woodbridge: “At Large”, expires 2020- Walter Gilefski, Bernard Carr