Delaware Council For Persons With Disabilities Calls Opt-Out “Ostrichism”

I am a proud ostrich!  Yet another state agency representing citizens with disabilities has come out with an opposition to the Parent Opt-Out legislation, House Bill 50.  In both these letters, one subject is not even mentioned: parental rights.  Today the Delaware Council for Persons with Disabilities released a near-identical letter to the one the Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens released yesterday.  More quotes from the News Journal, it will corrupt the validity of a test that has never been determined to be valid, and the usual arguments in opposition to the bill.  Not one mention of parental rights whatsoever.

But this agency says “ostrichism is not a viable response to relatively poor overall performance by Delaware students”.  So this agency for persons with disabilities is taking a stance on ALL Delaware students.  Going a little bit out of your comfort zone there.  Because taking tests that make students cry is a viable response.  Because teachers will be evaluated on these tests eventually and according to Governor Markell “I’m giving you one more year before consequences kick in.”  Because parents have the right to opt their child out of the test but you ignore that fundamental fact.

I know some of these people have to be parents.  Have any of them actually taken the Smarter Balanced Assessment?  Why in the world do they trust the Delaware Department of Education to make the best choices for our children?  These agencies need to get out of their bubble and actually see the world outside their Markell-tainted windows.  Opposing a bill for political capital should not be a basis for opposition, and I am sure this will not be the last state agency to do so.

Delaware parents: Do Not Be Fooled by these letters.  The part that ticks me off the most is these agencies do some excellent work for our students with disabilities, but when it comes time to oppose something the Governor does these groups get very busy supporting him.  We get the state gives you funding, but don’t think for one second the ordinary citizens won’t hold you accountable for your public comments.