Update on the Super Secret Meeting w/DE DOE & Christina & Red Clay Supers @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de #netde #eduDE

I will be updating this as I get new information, on a constant basis.  The latest (and it’s been very quiet all day, not sure if that’s good or bad) is from Kavips, where House Representative John Kowalko commented:

Actually it would have been slightly more legitimate if the Boards were included,(they were not) considering that they are the Superintendents bosses. I brought that up again today and in a phone conversation yesterday and no one dared disagree with that as an accurate statement. CSD Board president was there because Supt. Williams sacrificed one of his two staff position invites. The failure of DOE and this administration to learn from previous experience that you don’t put an artificial timeline on a complex issue of high importance by engaging stakeholders and their reps in separate dialogues (easier to befuddle, confuse and mislead you grandma) and present what they call an MOU (contrived unilaterally behind closed doors) which is in fact an ultimatum demanding unconditional surrender or we’ll nuke you as any type of legitimate attempt at reform.

John Kowalko