Smarter Balanced & Assessment Inventory Presention By Delaware DOE Shows CLEAR Issues

Assessment Inventory, Delaware DOE

On 6/17/15, the Delaware DOE had a working lunch regarding the Smarter Balanced Assessment Survey, issues with the testing, data incidents, number of technology issues, a timeframe for the release of the scores, how the report will look, and accommodations.  The most obvious horror I see is the ability for the DOE to edit/access accommodations.  The accommodations they already have are not in full compliance with IDEA law.  If it is an IEP, they need to be able to let the students have the same accommodations they would for any other test.  The fact they don’t, and don’t even seem to care along with the US DOE, shows a blatant disregard for Federal law as passed by the U.S. Congress and signed off by then President Bush.  I can’t wait to see the opt-out figures!