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Exceptional Delaware

I’m not one for moderating comments. But if a comment goes into moderation, it is usually because it is from a first-time commenter. I read all those comments. One came across today with some very harsh suggestions for an elected official. I do not condone that on this blog. I may have issues with some elected officials, but the actions suggested are NEVER justifiable under any circumstances. I understand things are very heated with Regulation 225, but let’s use a bit of decorum moving forward. This is not the News Journal’s Facebook page. I want to hear from my readers, but I can’t allow certain things to be said about anyone, whether I like them or not. Not to mention that the very suggestion of some of those actions is illegal under Delaware State Code. Rant over.

Not A Good Day For Christina

Jeff Day

In the “October Surprise” for the 2017 Delaware School Board Election season, Atnre Alleyne of DelawareCAN dropped a huge bomb all over Christina Board candidate Jeff Day’s campaign with less than a week before the election.  When a former News Journal reporter jumped in on the controversy, it fanned the flames…

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Exceptional Delaware

As a parent, the topic of opt-out is VERY personal to me.  It reaches right into our home.  But we have to realize there are those who have differing views.  It’s what makes us America.  As proponents of opt-out, we may disagree with those views, but we have to allow others to express their opinion, otherwise we are taking away their ability to make their own choices.  But what should not be tolerated are attacks that cross the line, that delve into matters that should not be a matter of public record and have no bearing on the issues at hand.

Delaware is a weird little state.  So many citizens either work for the state, are married to someone who works for the state, or have relationships or are friends with someone in that capacity.  I know they say opposites attract, but the reality in most situations is we tend to associate with like-minded persons.  With that being said, comments in this blog reflecting these situations beyond the topic at hand will either be moderated or deleted.  If someone speaks out publicly and they themselves introduce it into the matter of public opinion, that’s one thing.  Or if an extreme conflict of interest washes over into something that affects the public interest, than I believe that should be addressed.  But comments that either have no bearing or have the ability to deeply offend someone really shouldn’t happen.

We are all adults, but if you are writing a comment and that little voice goes off inside your head saying “Should I be doing this?”, please listen to that voice.  I get attacked all the time over on Kilroy’s.  But I also comment freely over there and I know I will get attacked.  I see Kilroy’s as the wild west of the blogs in Delaware.  Some examples of things I have written about on here are Family Foundations Academy.  I wrote about personal relationships within the school.  They were already a part of the official public comment period on the school, and it clearly created a severe conflict of interest for the school.  So that, in my opinion is fair game.  I have also written about a married couple who hold high positions in a state Department and one of their contractors.  Do I believe that is a conflict of interest?  Yes.

I posted an article yesterday about two educators in our state and their connections with outside companies.  They both publicly commented against opt out in a public forum.  Do I think they hate children? No.  I don’t think anyone goes into teaching because they don’t like kids.  Do I disagree with their ideology?  Yes, in regards to opt out and standardized testing.  They may be the greatest teachers in the world, but I firmly believe they are doing a disservice to children in opposing opt-out.

It has been a rare occasion where I have had to delete a comment.  It’s not something I enjoy doing, but I will if I have to.  None of this changes my viewpoints on any of the issues I speak about.  But we have to remember we are all people, with real feelings and emotions.  Respect goes both ways.  Thank you, and let’s fight the good fight, no matter which side we are on.

What People Said On Facebook & Twitter About The Rodel, Markell & Herdman Articles



As anyone knows, Kilroy is the king of the Delaware education blogs, therefore he gets many comments. Exceptional Delaware does not get anywhere close the amount on Kilroy’s Delaware, and I’m okay with that.  I recently overheard someone say “No one reads this blog.  Nobody really comments on it.”   I do post links to my articles on many Facebook groups and Twitter, some of which are closed to the public. These links provide many comments, and are circulated all over the place.  I would like to show some of those comments on some of my recent articles, with names redacted for these comments.

The Rodel/Markell/Hedge Fund Article: https://exceptionaldelaware.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/delaware-race-to-the-top-hedge-funds-millions-wasted-the-story-of-rodel-markell-charters-the-vision-network-kilroysdelaware-ed_in_de-dwablog-apl_jax-nannyfat-ecpaige-delawarebat/

Oh. My. Gosh. The most important article on education in Delaware you will read is right here. It will take you a long time to read this. Read it now. Bookmark it. Read it again tomorrow. Rodel has single-handedly redrawn the education landscape in Delaware. What you are about to read will make your head spin, but it requires your attention. This is our Governor’s education agenda.

Parent At Providence Creek Academy Requested Positive Comments! @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de @RCEAPrez @ecpaige @Apl_Jax @nannyfat @DelawareBats #Delaware #edchat #netDE #eduDE

Providence Creek Academy

A parent on the Providence Creek Academy Facebook page requested I put the positive comments about the school on my blog.  Request honored!  But I will also put many other types of comments on here.  Folks can judge for themselves!

Here is the official request:

Who do you think you are to post a blog like this about a school you have absolutely nothing to do with? Sir, I was raised to treat other’s with respect and kindness, to get all the facts before developing a firm conviction, and to stand up for what I believe in.   I’m sure you think you have the best interest, but you’re only adding fuel to an unnecessary fire. I read your blog. The quotes you’re using are those of ignorance. All I see, actually, are negative parent quotes —- what is it exactly that you trying to pull with this blog of yours anyway? And the facts used are a bit off from actual reality. Are you a credentialed journalist?

PCA Parent, I am giving you what you want: I’m posting positive comments on here.  But I’m also posting the negative ones.  Be careful what you wish for!  And because I was raised with respect, I am not putting the parents names.  I will fully admit (as anyone who reads this blog regularly would already know), some of these comments are mine.  I couldn’t stand by and listen to some of these parents bad-mouth the well-intentioned concerns other parents had.  So I joined the fray.

Tired of the smokescreen They need to come out and say what really is happening at the school

At this point if you do not like the choices the board, school, or police are making then take your kids out of the school. You chose to put your kids in a charter, put them in the feeder school if you’re so unhappy. If not, let them do what they need to do to fix it. I’m beyond tired of the parents trying to create more drama then needed. Half of you crave conspiracy. It’s an unfortunate situation but it did shed light on areas that need to be fixed and fortunately no one was hurt in the process.

“hurt in the process” BiG DeaL!!

When schools are closed and children are not being educated with MY TAX DOLLARS children are being hurt! You need to realize this is a public school and if you think test scores below 70% for several years is shedding new light you are the most uninformed parent with a bold opinion. They are Failing to provide your child with educational needs over MANY years and in your mind that is not hurting children. This is why yet another charter school needs to close – to stop throwing away my money.

You are on a completely different topic from what this status was even about and should probably mind your business instead of trolling a schools facebook page when you don’t even have children that attend there. My children are EXTREMELY well educated and test way above average. You are not a part of the PCA family and your opinion means nothing.

Your tax dollars are also supporting the low life, unemployed garbage in this state who take advantage of the system. You must be extremely busy, having to argue where your tax dollars are going. It has to be exhausting! Society today is all about, “me, me, me” and this is just another example of that.  my son, also a proud PCA student, is also getting an amazing education with this school – I will continue to support them…but please let us know how you make out with protesting how your tax dollars are spent…

Very well said!

if you think standardized testing shows how educated a student is, you are sadly mistaken. This is a public page, and anyone has the right to be on here. It doesn’t say “for PCA parents only”. As my tax dollars and the other commenter’s tax dollars help to pay for PCA, we have every constitutional right to be here. It’s obvious your a part of the problem and not the solution for what’s wrong in the state of Delaware. I have seen more elitist remarks on this page about people outside of PCA and within the PCA family. When you come out of your charter school bubble, maybe you will realize some of the “garbage” you refer to may just be parents who have children in your school. PCA has nearly a 1/4 of it’s students as low income. Since the Recession, many Delawareans have been unable to regain employment or get back to the financial level they were once at. I’m beginning to see what the true problems at PCA are…

 I appreciate everyone’s feelings too. My feeling is that there is/was a communication breakdown, not a security problem. I feel that those who felt their child was not safe were always keeping their children home. Not happy that my child will not be in school tomorrow

Oh my can the school and the board please anyone anymore. Cut them a break they are getting this sorted out. Stop complaining all the time and let them do their job.

I cannot believe how many people are expressing such negativity toward PCA via social media…..we should be coming together as a community to support the school our children attend & love. If you have an issue, the proper way to handle the situation is to address it with the school directly. If that doesn’t resolve your issues, then remove your child and yourself from the situation altogether. Some of us didn’t decided to jump on the “gossip loop” bandwagon; & while you all deserve the opportunity to express your feelings/concerns, good or bad, the internet isn’t the place to do it. I feel the board expressed sincere concern for the parent’s & teacher’s feelings. They assured us “the situation” is being handled accordingly and confirmed our children are, in fact, safe. They took accountability for the lack of communication to the parent’s & staff, causing some spiral-out-of-control-type rumors.. yet, even after telling us the most they possibly could from a legal standpoint, it just isn’t good enough? … Facts? Answers? … I’m sorry, but if a situation doesn’t concern ME OR MY CHILD directly, why would I expect to receive detailed information on the topic? The board told us at the forum that they’re taking steps in the right direction to improve this school. Now is when we should stand behind our school & show our support. As a parent of a PCA student, I also felt immediate concern when I first heard the rumors; but my concerns have been put to rest. I know my child is safe & I am certain that if there were any serious risk pertaining to the school/our children, the parent’s would have been notified. As human beings, we should be showing compassion and support for a school we love while they work hard to improve in areas lacking. Otherwise, there are plenty of public schools nearby.


Wow thank you so much!!!!

Very well said!!!!

Those of us who know better than to believe the non-sense need to come together and support PCA. We can’t allow this negativity and b/s ruin the school that we & our children love.

I couldn’t have said it better

Yes, there are plenty of public schools nearby. Question: Why does Providence Creek only have 4.4% of their population as special ed when Smyrna and Capital have 14.4% and 17.8%? You want to sit there and say to concerned parents “There’s always the public schools” while your school uses application enrollment preferences to pick and choose who they want at their school? Really? Could you be more elitist? You look down on the public schools while your board and administration can’t figure out a proper way to tell parents about issues going on there so they have to have a parent forum to get some of the facts out? Wake up people!

How can you feel that your child is safe when the person who made the threats lives under the same roof as a member of the administration? Some people are just way too naive.

Some people are just way too dramatic.

“Your only as strong strong as your weakest link”

Well, what. a. shame.
… ok whatever you say!
PCA still has my support.

As I sat back and listened at the forum the other night I felt the issues were and are being handled. The communication was lacking but that should be a problem of the past. Some of the parents could have shown a little more respect and self control during the forum. I have openly talked with my 11 year old daughter about what she thinks and her concerns, apparently I must of done a good job as a parent in teaching her not to feed into rumor mills and try to only make decisions on facts. She told me she is fine with going and being in school without fear.
Thank you for your post that I fully stand behind

The unfortunate fact surrounding the PCA administration is that they openly admitted to major security deficiencies on the campus. This, following the firing of the person in charge of IT for inappropriate use of the internet, and the facilities director for having “firearms” on a school campus, does not spell out automatic renewal of the school’s charter. And BTW, before anyone wants to take me to task on the term “firearm” being an overly dramatic representation of what amounts to BB guns, the State of Delaware obviously sees, and classifies this differently, because the facilities director was charged with two felonies. Over exaggerated charges? Not for me to determine. Obviously State lawmakers passed a bill on this issue, and that bill says it’s a felony. Felonious actions related to weapons on a K-8 school campus, don’t exactly paint the school in the best light. In fact, this past week’s happenings are actually a culmination of several months worth of problems that probably have resulted in the school’s darkest day(s). You can classify everything “dramatic” all you want. The facts are the facts. The school admitted to security issues and the incorrect handling of communications surrounding the issue at hand. In addition to everything that has transpired this past week, the student test scores at PCA have apparently declined year over year, and in a year that the school is up for renewal of its charter, that’s just one more chink in the armor. Then, there’s the unrelated situation (maybe not really unrelated) surrounding the resignation of two board members. Again, not exactly a gold star in the eyes of the DOE people that will be determining whether or not PCA’s charter is renewed. This has turned into a Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events routine. And not one single parent voicing their concerns over all of these issues, is the cause of any of it coming to light. We’ve had children in this school for 6 years now, and have been very happy with the consistency and continuity that an education at PCA brings. But, the current issues are disappointing to say the least, and if the school loses its charter, it will be because of the administrative issues that have festered, and not because of “too dramatic” opinions or a perceived witch hunt by some on this board. I hope the school can get its at together, but I’m not going to sit back and will myself, or anyone else, into thinking that everything is coming up roses…..because it’s not.

are you claiming the school deliberately chooses not to pick special ed children or grant rights to those in need? I understand you have a child with special needs and obviously feel stongly about that subject, but please know that is not the case. I have two children who attend PCA, one who came in with an IEP (because he was identified early) and one who got one after starting. You have to take into consideration that the majority of their openings in the lottery are for Kindergarten. If the signs are apparent and you have proactive parents some of those kids may get identified early but most not until the Kindergarten screening or later like my one child. The choice application process is standard across all school districts and that is what is used for the lottery. Their numbers could also be lower because for those parents who do have children that are identified prior to starting school may have chosen to send or keep (if they received early interventions) in their reg public school. There are many factors surrounding those numbers and a parents choice also plays a part.

you lost me with “Kindergarten screening”. Charters have been cherry-picking for years, and that’s why there is currently a task force in DE addressing this very issue, and why the Office of Civil Rights is investigating ALL the charter schools in DE over this very issue.

How is this relevant?

What does it matter who the new board members are? I don’t see how that’s relevant. As far as kindergarten screening it’s called child find and ALL schools perform them. Daina is telling you majority of the kids that have IEP’s or special needs aren’t identified until after school has been going on for several weeks. So you saying PCA is selective in special needs/IEP’s are total false. Maybe you should try to talk to parents that have been with the school for sometime or know how PCA operates.

Child Find assessments is what I was referring to and that is fine that they have a task force and that they are being investigated. I am just clarifying that PCA did not and in our opinion does not discriminate against those with disabilities…as our child who was diagnosed on the spectrum with an IEP was accepted without prejudice. I am sorry if the same did not happen for you. As it seems to me, by all of your anomosity, that you feel like you have been discriminated against by a charter school by not being granted acceptance.

That wasn’t the case exactly, but that’s a story you can certainly find access to through my blog or Kilroys Delaware. Here’s my question though. Most kids who go to charters in Kent County start in Kindergarten or 1st grade depending on the charter. On average, 13.5% (based on last year’s DOE figures) of students in DE have special education. The averages for ALL the public schools in the surrounding area of PCA are considerably higher, even the elementary schools. I’m not saying they have NO special ed. Of course they do. What I am saying though is Child Find goes way beyond Kindergarten screening, and many charters do not realize this. Part of childfind is the obligation on the school’s part that if they even suspect a child may be in need of special ed to evaluate them. I also have to wonder why, as of last year, there were 0 students on the low-functioning part of the spectrum at PCA or many other charters in the area. Charters want the public school money, but they don’t want to play by the same rules as the publics, and that includes issues of transparency. Charters ARE public schools. They get the same funding any other public school does.

you definitely mention a few great points!

With regard to the pellet gun found/felony charges – it is against the law to have any type of weapon on school grounds. The words ‘common sense’ come to mind again, but people continue proving they lack having any. Because words like “weapon” and “firearm” are being thrown around so freely without clearly clarifying the situation, parent’s are carrying on (and onnnn) about non-sense they know absolutely nothing about, continuously spreading false information. Now the situation has gone from “employee stored pellet gun for pest control” to “WEAPON FOUND ON SCHOOL GROUNDS – CHILDREN IN DANGER!” So, “too dramatic” is an overstatement? I don’t think so. I feel the felony charges, in my opinion, are justified – when anyone breaks a law, they deserve punishment.

The board advised the parent’s of the circumstances with charter renewal & the decrease in test scores – now, we need to stand together and offer our support while they do everything they can to improve our school. With the newest board members joining, I feel….no, I know they can turn this around – but it’s going to be a struggle if people continue going on and on about something they know absolutely nothing about.
I love Providence Creek. I love the teachers and their staff. My child is so happy to go to school every day. I have referred parent’s to send their children to the school – and they love it. I trust the school to tell me what I need to know on a need-to-know basis. And I know that our current board members, if given the chance, can and will ‘show & prove’ – I am confident in saying so.

I am relieved to hear I wasn’t the only person listening at the forum 😉
I agree, a majority of the parent’s were (and continue to be) disrespectful and should have displayed better self-control. Those parent’s are partially responsible for why this has turned into an over-exaggerated circumstance.
Thank you for standing behind my post & for your support! I know PCA appreciates those of us who are standing behind them.

So who are the new board members?

you lost me with “Kindergarten screening”. Charters have been cherry-picking for years, and that’s why there is currently a task force in DE addressing this very issue, and why the Office of Civil Rights is investigating ALL the charter schools in DE over this very issue.

I think it is time for Amy and the rest of the board to step down and we need to hold a election. It very obvious the only thing they are good at is inciting fear and concern in the staff and parentsDE over this very issue.

I pulled my daughter out last year because, the administration there is horrible… I constantly was there. When you are a principal it is your job to protect your students, not trying to build your own personal empire! That place has been lost for years due to poor leadership. That is why so many teachers have left. .. get rid of her!

Ok, it appears to me that the parents are making the situation much worse by the gossip and rumors. I’ve see parents blogging with incorrect information that is causing more hysteria. What more information do you need?? They had to let a couple employees go and one was disgruntled and made threats. They have police force on school property to assure the safety of our kids. I did not even want to go to the meeting Mon night since I heard the am meeting was pretty much a bitch fest. Be part of the solution..and NOT the problem. Stop making things worse. I had one son graduate 8th grade years ago and another is in 8th grade and has been there since K-5. I still stand behind the school. Could some things have been handled a little better by the Administration and board members…YES..but I still believe in the teachers at PCA so back them up and stop making things worse for them and the students.

Hi, I’m the parent blogger, and I am not a parent of a PCA child. What information is incorrect? If you can show me tangible evidence of anything I’ve written that is incorrect aside from the “missing post”, I will happily correct it.

For one the employee was NOT a computer teacher. He was the person who fixed computers for the school. I don’t want parents to think a teacher was threatening students or making them feel unsafe since I highly respect the teachers at PCA. Although i beleive in freedom of speech..I am not sure what you hope to gain from the blog. I AM a parent there and don’t appreciate the hysteria that some are causing in this situation. I just feel it has made things worse.

I got more information from his blog than at the forum. The teachers aren’t the issue anyway its the administration.

Thanks for that info, I’m correcting it now.

That was my only real concern cause as a parent I would be more concerned thinking it was a teacher who had access to my kids rather than a disgruntled IT guy who got fired for the misuse of a state computer (which happens often when you give anyone too much time with a computer).


the problem is that you just gave ten times more information in two FB posts, than the parents have gotten from the school in all of their letters and emails!!! THAT is what has us upset.

I understand that. I have been involved with the school for years and worked there for two so I can connect the dots a little easier so that is my advantage. I was trying to make a point that as parents of students there we need to support the teachers and students by not believing all the gossip that has been circulating and going to the school in anger. That does not solve anything. I understand being concerned because our kids are the most important thing to us. I am sure they closed today to regroup from everything that has transpired in a short period of time. They are taking measures to ensure the safety of our kids.

The problem is WE don’t know what’s gossip and what’s not because we’re depending on the school to keep us informed, and they aren’t! There wouldn’t have been rumors flying around if PCA had – from the beginning – been open, clear, and transparent with the parents.

The same people posting about allowing the board to “do their jobs”, accusing parents of bitching about what’s going on at the school are the same ones that seem to have all the information that the rest of us do not. There is gossip and rumors because the majority of parents (including myself) do not know what is going on. My daughter went to school all last week while one her friends stayed home the majority of the week because of something her parents heard. I went to the meeting and learned nothing, I read an article in the paper that told me more. If YOU HAVE ALL THE FACTS SHARE THEM WITH ALL THE PARENTS.

 I completely agree with you Rasheeda! The only reason we are all turning to social media is it seems to be the only place to learn what is going on. It’s unfortunate.

AGREED. I’ve learned everything from the discussion in this thread, and that is NOT how it should be. The school needed to directly address what had happened with facts, not vague nonsense that had nothing to do with anything, and was just a poor way of trying to distract from the real issues. Just say “this is what happened, this is what’s being done about it, this is what you might hear from your children, this is what’s true and not true”. But nope, all we hear is that the school will be closed for a “day of reflection” because of “tensions between personnel”. I would not call someone threatening violence against a school full of children “tensions”; parents had every right to know that a threat had been made, and we were simply NOT told. And that’s not OK>

I agree. I choose to stand behind PCA and am still an advocate of Charter schools.

Police at the school is common. They are there regularly. I like this school and WANT to believe in the administration. We need clarity. I attended last nights meeting and found it mildly informative. Lots of repeat complaints from parents. I’m totally at a loss as to why school is being closed tomorrow. Website says Day of Reflection, check news page. Then there is nothing on the news page! Please PCA, give us some more info and make me believe you have a clear plan!

Neither my husband or I were able to make either meeting yesterday, so we’re still in the dark so to speak. All we know from a few emails is that there was an apparent threat made to the school, but we don’t exactly know what “kind” of threat & by whom they were made by. What is one day off of school going to do for pissed off parents when #1: the threat was made how long ago? #2: our kids haven’t missed school b/c of this yet so why start now? If parents choose to keep their kids out , then so beit, but don’t make it a blanket decision all the way across the board. Without knowing all the facts, it’s quite difficult to know where we need to stand on this one other than the obvious: our kids welfare & safety should always come first & foremost.
P.S. Can someone pls PM me to tell me what’s really going on and fill us in?!? No bashing; we just want the facts. We’d appreciate it!!

Only believe 1/2 of whatever you’ve been told.

does that mean we should only believe 1/2 of whatever you say?

What have I said that I didn’t obtain from the school directly? I’m not giving out untrue information. Not sure that I asked for your input but thanks for putting your two sense in, again, where it need not be.

I don’t have two senses, I have five. I can give you my two cents though: I believe you aren’t giving ALL the information and I would have to wonder why that is…

I want to know why your making a decision on feeling and not to the fire threat? My child is not there today because there is a wall up to hide what y’all got going on. When it should be a wall of protection for students and staff . If the principle is the one being threatened then why is she still there? She should leave till her legal stuff is finished and someone else step up to the plate for now. I usually don’t say much but this has gone way to far. I have never had this much trouble with P.C.A. I have had four other kids go through here. In all them year did not have a1/4 of the trouble we are having this year. I will be praying about this and for all the staff to make the right decisions.

An important question for PCA parents… Had the board digitally recorded their board meetings and put them up on the website, as many public school districts in our state (Capital, Red Clay, Christina, many others) and the Board of Education already do, do you think some of the confusion amongst parents could have been alleviated?

The minutes are published one month after the meeting on the website, the agendas are posted several days before. They also are open to the public with the exception of the executive session when dealing with students or staff in compliance with FOIA rules.

Minutes don’t say a lot from board meetings. I could type three pages worth of information transcribing three minutes of audio.

Well it’s obvious that you have your mind made up. I was just answering your question

How many parents attend these board meetings? I’ve seen the minutes. Not a heck of a lot. I’m just saying. If parents have concerns with the board and administration being transparent, maybe parents should push for the board meetings being recorded.

The calendar of when the meeting is on the website for the whole year plus about a week or so a sign is posted on the doors. Honestly not a whole lot of parents come so, you can’t complain if you are given the opportunity to be there and participate. People also don’t understand what the job of the board is or understand it. There are by laws people need to read them and show up to the meetings before complaining about them. They are trying to help the school in this trying time.

Here’s the deal though, charters don’t publicly elect their boards. They pick and choose them. How many disgruntled parents sit on your board? Charters are known to pick parents who will agree with what they want. And that’s exactly how situations advance to the degree where parents are coming at the school because of the lack of transparency.

There has been a board since the school started in 2002. One issue in that long. The board does a lot of good thing no one ever knows about. No one is perfect and they are trying to fix it give them the chance. It’s very easy after the fact to say you would have handled it differently. Just like all of the people running for public office lol

They are required to have a board. And trust me, this is NOT the only issue this school has had.

So everyone is perfect? Just wondering? All I am saying give them time to fix it when all the remaining board can be there

while I’m sure we can all agree you give great suggestions for the future, and I bet the board will take those ideas into consideration moving forward. But who are you exactly? I mean no disrespect in asking, but I notice you talk about the school as an outsider, yet you have a blog and a big opinion. With new members of the board, you have to allow time for change & improvements. You’re bashing them before giving them a chance to prove themselves. Great suggestion, though.
Also, you question parent’s involved in the board meetings. Do you know realize that if parents were more involved in the school, they would probably feel the same way I, and many other supportive parent’s, feel about the current situation. I am appalled by the amount of parent’s demanding an explanation & apology, and a future promise — if they were listening word for word at the forum(s) they would have heard all 3 of their demands fulfilled. People hear what they want to hear, sadly, my 8 year old listens better than most adults. I think we can all agree mistakes have been made. The board hasn’t denied they’ve made mistakes along the way. How else do you expect to learn and grow. However, PCA is an amazing school and I will not give up on them.
Society is so quick to point a finger and turn their back in any situation. I don’t know why I’m so shocked in this case. Some people should find a hobby.

They always post a public announcement of the board meetings near main office and always welcome parents to join. They also have someone taking meeting minutes as well. Nothing digital as far as I know

Thank you Kim, a lot of people/parents don’t really understand the boards role in the school. Give them time to do what they need too!!

Here’s the bottom line. A very unfortunate incident occurred, and parents were not given information on a timely basis. It sounds like some parents were while others were not based on what I’m hearing on this very comment forum. As a result of the past month or so and what has gone on, two members of the board have resigned or are getting ready to resign. This is not a normal circumstance. Yes, I am an outsider, but when things like this start happening, it’s BAD. For many parents, myself included, just stating you will fix things is not good enough. They want to hear exactly what happened to allow this to begin with, what the current assessment of the situation is, and what exactly they are going to do to fix it. Parents are not guests at schools, they have just as much say as a board or administration. The sooner charters realize that, things like this won’t happen. Society is very quick to point the finger, and when it comes to our children, that’s a good thing. Look at it this way, they want our children and teachers to be accountable for everything, but when the finger is pointing at them, they give a day off, forcing parents to stay home from work, unplanned, or pay for daycare for their children. The “feelings” day wasn’t about the parents, it was about the school or board saying this will happen if you complain too much. I’m NOT saying to give up on your school. What I am saying is THEIR actions created this, not the parents.

You asked who I am, and I’m just a concerned parent. I’ve seen this story play out a few times in Delaware where charter school boards, for one reason or another, lose control in some way. Invariably, it leads to the school closing, as this is what happened with Pencader and will happen with Moyer. My huge concern is the students in these situations, as they are the ones who suffer the most. My biggest concern, as I advocate through my blog, is special needs children. It’s one thing for a parent to hear about a cop coming into the school to investigate something. But for a special needs child, can you imagine the fear that came with that, much less a regular student? Kids get scared very easily, and they bring that fear home. And parents react based on that fear. That’s when a regular parent turns into a helicopter parent, especially if communication is lacking. I certainly hope the board can fix what happened, but never underestimate or diminish feelings a parent has, whether you feel that way or not. When parents want more answers, it is to protect their children, not to be malicious. Who am I? I’m the other side of the equation with charter schools. I’m the one who will ask the questions when parents don’t even know that was an option. I won’t even get into Common Core and standardized testing, but if any parent at PCA thinks this isn’t a part of these issues, they are mistaken.

As a parent with an IEP you really have no idea about how much PCA does for all of it’s students. Thank you for your concern but you have no idea what you are talking about if you are ready to put out ALL of the facts and not just what the school is doing wrong. I also have to wonder if the “parent” who started this is the same one who after being called out by other parents at the meeting apologized. Just saying you have the right to your opinion but, you need to hear both sides and the facts before you start speaking about things you know NOTHING about

Also if they didn’t cancel school I’m sure everyone would be complaining about that.

Wow………..You have it all figured out.

And at Monday’s forum, the PARENT’S requested the school be closed 11/5. The board said they would consider it. Be sure to add that to your blog.

Did you write about this in your blog? Or do you only write about charter schools? Smyrna student files sex suit against ex-teacher, district
May 21, 2014 – delawareonline ….. A 16-year-old Smyrna High School student, who had an ongoing sexual …

there is nothing at that link, and I just started my blog in June, so no I didn’t write about it. I don’t tend to write about students, but the adults at a school.  But I did look up the information, and yes, I probably would have written about it had I been writing my blog at the time.

Then please answer this, why would any parent request the school be closed? Was there a specific threat given for that day? I’ll lay all the cards on the table: Was there a threat that someone would blow up the school on November 5th, because that’s what parents heard. Did a parent state they made up that rumor and apologize for that? Because talking in cryptic sentences or not giving all the information just makes people more confused. I will happily post both sides, but I need more information. If this is a case of a parent going AWOL and spreading rumors without any facts, then please share that information. If the threat was real, then I don’t care how any parent reacts, it’s justified.

There was so many rumors going around about different things that were going to happen on that day. A lot of parents and some teachers thought it would be wise not because there was a for sure threat as there were various rumors to what was “supposed” to happen. The board thought is was better to just not have school. I would have sent my child to school on that day if they had school. There were several parents who said things and after the forums changed their minds. Several parents talked to me about it. One parent who I am not sure if by accident or on purpose send a letter to everyone that was CC’ed on an ema from the PTO about the parent forum. During the meetings when parents said that parent started a lot of drama revolving this issue then had a very different opinion after parents talking about him

Whoa! Blow up the school? Are you kidding me. For an outsider, you sure seem to know it all, don’t you? You think you got it all figured out any way. Please stop spreading non-sense.

I’m only going by what I heard. And yet you still haven’t answered my question: What was the exact threat that caused police to come to the school? If you know this, and you aren’t saying, then how can you justify anything?

When did Police come? We always have police during the Halloween parade. And we have an SRO like all the public schools in the Smyrna/Clayton district

I am not in the “gossip loop” of PCA apparently, because I still have no idea what’s going on. The vaguely worded letters sent home haven’t told parents a THING about what’s actually happening at the school. My child comes home and is hearing terrifying rumors about weapons on campus and bomb threats; what are the parents supposed to do? Why isn’t PCA directly addressing what’s happening? Giving us some facts? Like “this is what started it, this is what happened, these are the facts”? My son has been at PCA since kindergarten, but I’m honestly somewhat relieved that he’s getting out next year and moving onto high school. I don’t know what all the drama is about, and it seems I never will because there’s no transparency.

My step children still attend the school, prior to the principal leaving earlier in the week, my step daughter caught her smoke on property. Nothing to be proud of, when the principal is caught for smoking on school premises… it is shameful! The administration and teachers are responsible for following ALL safety rules that effect ALL the student.

The one parent who constantly defended the school seemed to know a lot of information, but even when one parent mentioned a bomb threat and earlier posts definitely show there was a police presence there, some of the school’s biggest defenders questioned that or didn’t even seem to realize police were even there.  I also have to wonder if one of the defenders was offered a seat on the board since two members resigned.  If that’s the case I wonder how the Board would feel about this parent getting on Facebook with some of their comments…  Social media…