Hear A Father Opt His Child Out of Smarter Balanced At Christina Board Meeting

I am very proud of this father.  He has taken a courageous step.  I’m not sure how many others have already done this, but it needs to be done.  I posted an article last week with all the February board meetings. While this isn’t the only way to opt your child out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, it certainly makes a large impact.

To hear a parent bravely opt his child out, go to the below link.  It begins at the 33:05 time stamp.


If you want to know more about Christina and the Priority Schools, this audio recording goes into a lot more detail about the rationale behind their decisions Tuesday night.  Jackie Kook gave an excellent public comment about choosing between two evils.  Senator Bryan Townsend gave the longest public comment ever, and it is a must hear!


WDEL 1150AM, Today at 3pm-4pm with Rick Jensen, Parent Opt Out Of Smarter Balanced Assessment

I will be on Rick Jensen today from 3pm to 4pm discussing parent opt out!  If you are in your car, give a listen.  If you are at home, you can go on their website, http://wdel.com or you can listen later if they put a podcast up.

Last night at the Christina School Board meeting, the very first speaker to give public comment said “My kid can’t sit still for ten minutes.  He is not taking this test,” and gave his opt out letter to Superintendent Williams.  This is how it’s done folks!

Twitter Feed from Christina Board Meeting, Packed House, Upset Crowd

The day I ‘ve dreaded for the past few months is here as the Delaware Department of Education threw down the gauntlet to the Christina School Board today: close the three priority schools or hand them over.   In the letter from the DOE, they also mention the Wilmington Education Committee’s recommendation to redistrict the schools, essentially handing them over the Red Clay Consolidated.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  It just seems way too convenient and the timing is suspicious.  In any event, on to the Twitter feed thanks to the awesome Apl_Jax!