The DOE Revolving Door Is Swinging In All Sorts Of Directions

Delaware DOE

You see this with state agencies about a year or so before a Governor moves on.  People coming and going.  But the latest batch of Personnel notes in the agenda for the State Board of Education next week as some things I already confirmed, one new hire, and one potential omission…



I already advised everyone Penny Schwinn was leaving.  I found this out at the November State Board of Education meeting.  I had heard about Shana Young leaving, but wasn’t able to officially confirm this.  I also heard Ryan Reyna, who works under Penny Schwinn, was leaving as well but he is not on this list.  The surprise for me was Chantel Janiszewski who is coming back on a Casual/Seasonal basis.  I wrote about her exit last month from Academy of Dover and how it was because of Newark Charter School that it went down.  It looks like you can go back home again though!

So Which School Did Newark Charter Want To Join Their “Coalition”?

Academy of Dover, Newark Charter School

On Friday night, I put up a post about the Newark Charter School Coalition and how they met with an Assistant at a charter South of the Canal resulting in the firing of said employee.  As I wrote the other night, the principal was not privy to this conversation and was none too pleased when she found out about it.  Oh wait, I didn’t say she, did I?  So which charter was it?  There aren’t too many in Kent and Sussex.

Academy of Dover Gets A New Assistant Principal…From The DOE!!!!

Academy of Dover

Chantel Janiszewski, formerly with the Delaware Department of Education, has taken a position of assistant principal at the Academy of Dover charter school.  At the DOE, Janiszewski served as a Deputy Lead of Penny Schwinn’s branch, the area where accountability and assessment are the big deal.

I met her once, at the DOE Town Hall meeting for parents and citizens last fall.  This was a presentation given by the DOE over the new “school report card” accountability system approved by the US DOE in the flex waiver requests.  Most parents weren’t too keen on this new system, meant to grade schools.

Prior to working in Schwinn’s branch, she worked in the Charter School Office for a couple years.  Between the DOE, the Laurel school district, and University of Delaware, Janiszewski has hopped around quite a bit in different education positions in Delaware.

Academy of Dover definitely needs new leadership given the events that culminated in their formal review.  They are still on probation status, but no updates have been reported on the DOE website.  The other three charters that were on formal review have reported in as required, but nothing from the embattled Academy of Dover.  Janiszewski’s LinkedIn account shows she started her new role in July 2015.  As well, the Academy of Dover website shows her as assistant principal as well.  If anything, Janiszewski’s time with the Charter School Office at the DOE should make anyone at Academy of Dover crystal clear on what they need to be accountable for.  Cheri Marshall is listed as the Principal of the school.

I wish Chantel Janiszewski all the luck in the world, and I certainly hope it lasts longer than her last administrator position…