Hanging Out With The Walking Dead At Walker Stalker Con


Last Saturday my son and I went to Walker Stalker Con in Phoenixville.  Walker Stalker Con is a Walking Dead convention.  It was awesome seeing many of the stars of the show.  Of course the big dogs didn’t show up: Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Carol and Darryl.  But many of the other ones were there.  The highlight of the day for my son was meeting Chandler Riggs who plays the teenage Carl Grimes.  He also got to ask T-Dog a question.  He asked him if he could be any of the other characters on the show who he would be.  He answered Dacarol, an amalgam of Darryl and Carol.


Of course, some people came dressed up as their favorite characters.  One person was just wrong in their zombified character choice…






We even hung out with a couple of the guys from Comic Book Men for a little bit!


A great day!