Rest In Peace James Horner, Your Music Will Live Forever

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article called “A Gift of a Thistle”.  That title was based on the second track from the Braveheart score.  The composer of this music, along with hundreds of other movies, died in a plane crash yesterday in Southern California.

To say James Horner changed my perspectives on life would be an understatement.  His music always brings me to places where my deepest thoughts live.  It’s a shame we won’t hear his masterpieces in the future, but the music he will be composing now will be out of our ability to understand or even contemplate.  I’m sure he is already assembling hosts of angels and creating heavenly masterpieces.

I will always treasure his scores on Braveheart, Legends of the Fall, Titanic, A Beautiful Mind, Avatar, Field of Dreams, Glory, Dad, Aliens, and so many more.  Rest in peace James…

Twenty Years Later…”A Gift Of A Thistle”

Out of all the movies I’ve seen, this scene is one of my favorites.  It is so simple.  William Wallace’s father and brother were killed, and he is left alone.  Crying, the boy feels like his world is gone.  And then one action, by one little girl, changes everything for him.

I can’t believe it’s been twenty years since this movie came out.  It feels like yesterday.  Sometimes we all feel like that little boy, lost and confused, feeling like no one is on our side.  But we always have to believe something better is coming.  I was reminded recently that hope isn’t enough, you have to believe.  I thank my friend for telling me that.  I needed to hear those words.

We all have loss in our lives.  It doesn’t even have to be a loved one.  It can be a dream, or an idea.  Loss is unavoidable.  Its what you do with it that makes you into the person you are.  When I look back at the person I was twenty years ago, and who I am today, I see so much change.  For those who knew me back then, it is night and day compared to now.  But the heart of me, the parts reserved for those who I’ve always been close to, that’s still there.  I’ve just learned to bring it out and show it to the rest of the world.   I’ve always been a person with very deep thoughts.  But it’s not about me anymore.  It hasn’t been for a long time.

I wish I could say it is just about my family, but it is beyond them as well.  It’s about having the courage to say the things that need to be said, the things you wish you said.  Its about actions taken, and actions to come.  It’s about finding your voice after a lifetime of not knowing what to say.