Great News About House Education Committee Meeting on 4/22/15, 3:30pm!!!!!! #supportHB50

Mike Matthews, President of the Red Clay Educators Association, Teacher at Warner Elementary School, former Down With Absolutes blogger, and the man who goes to more education meetings than Governor Markell, announced the following on his Facebook account:

Thanks to House Education Committee Chair Rep. Earl Jaques. I submitted a request last night to have the audio system turned on in the House Chambers during the education committee meeting next week. Typically, the audio is only used when the full House is in session and not for specific committee meetings. Because this committee is meeting in the House Chambers, I respectfully asked if they could just “flip the switch” so folks at home who can’t make it to the meeting could listen. Rep. Jaques was super responsive and just got back to me saying he approved the request. Now you’ll be able to listen to the debate and discussion on the parent opt out bill on the General Assembly website live on Wednesday at 3:30.

I still strongly recommend as many parents as possible show up, but if you aren’t able to make it, go the to listen to the meeting.¬† This will be one of the most highly attended meetings of this year’s General Assembly, so I would get there early, and get to the door of the House of Representative chamber as soon as you check in so you can get a seat!