House Bill 30, Basic Special Education Funding For Kindergarten to 3rd, Needs To Be Heard By The Appropriations Committee!!!

Delaware State Rep. Kim Williams introduced House Bill 30 in January.  It would give students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade the basic special education funding through the unit count formula.  Currently they do not have this funding which is absolutely ridiculous.  Governor Markell is always talking about students having the best education possible, but when he issued the unit count funding executive order some years back, he didn’t include a group of students who need this the most.

House Bill 30 cleared the House Education Committee months ago as well and was sent to appropriations due to a $7.5 million fiscal note attached to it.  While that may seem like a great deal of money, it would hire the extra teachers and paraprofessionals these children need.  Things they should have had in the first place!!!