Delaware Teacher Abused 6-Year-Old Child With Autism At School

It appears that if you physically abuse a student with Autism, you can get out with a $500 unsecured bail.  The News Journal just reported this.  Anne Gullo, a teacher at Etta J. Wilson Elementary School in Newark, turned herself in.  On October 16th, Gullo pushed the student and he fell into a bookcase and had a “minor injury” to his back.  The school called the police on October 19th, and Gullo turned herself in yesterday after an arrest warrant was issued.  Why did it take a week for her to turn herself in?  And why are some Delaware teachers thinking it is okay to physically abuse children with disabilities?  Finally, why was the bail set at $500?  That seems very low to abuse of a student.  Is she still employed at this school?

This needs to stop.  This is the second time this year I have heard about this, but I never heard about an arrest warrant for the teacher that kicked a young boy with Autism at the Academy of Dover.  What is the difference here?  These students need compassion and understanding, not the anger boiling over from adults who should know better.