Delaware DOE’s Draft Of ESEA Waivers Assures Continuation of Smarter Balanced For 5 Years, Protest This Waiver!!!

ESEA Flexibility Waivers

All Delaware citizens need to very carefully read this document that will have a vote at the next State Board of Education meeting on March 19th.  This is a trap, carefully designed by the Delaware Department of Education, to continue the education reform agendas brought on by the US Department of Education in 2009.  Parents need to contact their legislators, schools, superintendents, teachers, Governor Markell, and the Delaware DOE in protest of this vote.

By standing by and doing nothing, we will allow our children to continue to be subjected to high-stakes testing and awkward and confusing curriculums in our schools.  With the parent opt out movement increasing every day in Delaware, this is the next thing to protest.  The response from students, particularly in higher grade levels, should be to emulate what their peers in other states are doing and refuse the tests.

Our children are more than data.  And don’t let the Delaware DOE lie to you with this waiver request: Parents don’t want the Common Ground for Common Core.  This wasn’t even a part of their online survey.  If it was, parents and teachers would have overwhelmingly voted against it.  The DOE’s accountability system in this waiver was carefully designed to allow for the best possible answers to a limited scope of possibilities.  This is for their benefit, not your children.  The time has come to change education in our system and bring it back to what it rightfully should be.  Please come to the State Board of Education meeting on March 19th to say no to these waivers.

DOE Praises State Accountability Survey. Cool Your Jets DOE, It Was Only .65% Of State Population!

Delaware DOE

Today, the Delaware Department of Education Public Information Officer sent out a press release showing the results of the controversial survey the DOE conducted for their new “school accountability” program.  I wish they would show video of the Town Halls they had as well.  That would be fun to watch!  Yes, only .65% of the entire Delaware population bothered to respond.  So lets change a whole perception of schools based on that!

When will this Delaware DOE just go?  How much jacked up change will they exert on an unsuspecting populace before we all collectively throw up?  Just stop!  You’re actually embarrassing yourselves at this point.  To see the results of this groundbreaking (sarcasm noted) survey, read the gibberish below:

For immediate release

Contact Alison May (302) 735-4000