The 2018 Exceptional Delaware Hero of the Year & Other Awards


I was really torn on who would get the coveted Exceptional Delaware Hero of the Year Award for 2018.  There were so many great choices.  I covered some of them in the Movers and Shakers posts I put up.  But in the end, the choice was obvious!

The Top 18 Most-Read Articles Of 2018 & By The Numbers Recap

2018 Year In Review

I’m a sucker for year-end lists.  Some folks like ’em and some hate ’em!  Most of the articles that generated the most hits were ones where I either broke a story on or offered a perspective that couldn’t be found elsewhere.  One story generated so much controversy I had to put all comments in moderation!  District salaries became very popular and the hits on those continue to grow every single day since I posted those last March.  Sadly, the subject of one of my articles was myself.

2018 In Words

2018 Year In Review

2018. Parkland. Rice. Eagles. Victory. Dance. Fire. Ice. Secrets. President. Teacher. Paoli. Union. Matthews. Carney. Bunting. Alleyne. Herdman. Bullock. Jaques. Sokola. Williams. Impact. Success. Sheldon. Lopez. Margie. Constables. Arrest. Purge. Brecknock. Situation. Lounge. Parkway. Bridge. Berlin. Counterpart. Westworld. Lissie. Dolores. Mumford. Northern. Muse. Huron. Firefly. Annapolis. Saturdays. Love. Daugherty. Gregg. Holodick. Blakey. Williams. Shelton. Bueller. Miller. Deerey. Mraz. Desert. If. T’Challa. Snap. Trump. DeVos. McGuiness. Davies. Williams. Primary. Spadola. Wagner. Burd. Smith. Bies. Bias. Delcastle. Padua. Mann. Buccini. VSA. 454. Gun. Safety. Salaries. Consolidation. Joyce. Police. Shortage. MOU. Nudist. Transparency. Lies. Wild. Audit. Divorce. Takeover. Russia. Odyssey. Rudder. Fraizers. Stones. Two. Fluharty. Debate. Forum. Referendum. Public. Comment. DSEA. Veritas. Massett. Diversity. Privilege. Wilmington. Entwined. Discombobulated. Rushdan. Sweeney. Stouffer. Travers. Lawsuit. Funding. Diploma. 286. Meece. Manolakos. Walker. Legislation. Veto. Ghosts. Enrollment. Johns. Hale. Evans. Griffith. Young. Paige. Freire. CSDC. Investigation. Renewal. Modification. Montessori. Sussex. Smyk. Mold. Lockman. Sturgeon. 225. Transgender. Republican. Democrat. Progressive. Carper. Harris. Johnson. Arlett. Davis. Jennings. Truono. Walker. Fat-shaming. Murphy. Markell. Loftus. Drill. SEL. Blockchain. Taylor. Lynn. Appeal. MERB. Couch. Porch. Humanity. Meme. Roanoke. Visit. Star. Vertigo. Snow. Recordings. Outsider. Bat. Pretendonitis. Collection. License. Rodel. DelawareCAN. CEA. Giansanti. Alternative. United. Marinucci. McDonalds. Feeley. Skrobot. Suchyj. Moderation. Kuumba. Troeggs. Mudslide. Climb. Neighborhood. Read. Mountain. Pickering. Message. Sand. Rehoboth. Browseabout. Trivia. Dover. DAPSS. Collapse. Anagram. Pulaski. Crumpacker. Orchard. House. Grants. Money. Theft. Fraud. Surgery. Toe. Resignation. Hiring. Campaign. Filing. Paradee. Suspension. Manifestation. IEP. Eldreth. Autism. Tourettes. Marijuana. Classification. CBD. Flashback.

The Movers And Shakers of 2018: Part 3

2018 Year In Review

2018 had some colorful characters here in Delaware.  I covered some of them in Part 1 and Part 2.  As we close in on the final cast of players it is important to know that 2019 will continue some of these sagas.  Here there be heroes… and villains!

The Movers And Shakers Of 2018: Part 2

2018 Year In Review

2018 was a year of heroes and zeroes!  Shakers and movers!  The list here includes some well-known Delawareans and ones that came out of nowhere to shock us all.  One isn’t even a person.  Another is from out-of-state.  One is anonymous.  But they ALL made an impact in 2018!

The Movers And Shakers Of 2018: Part 1

2018 Year In Review

Who made waves in 2018?  Quite a few!  So many I’m gonna have to do this in multiple parts!  Instead of doing one article for each person (which I haven’t had time to do the past two years), it’s time to consolidate!  These people made 2018 a very interesting year.  Some were good things and some were… not so good.