The hottest race of the Delaware 2018 election season is the State Auditor race!  To find out about the back story on this race, you actually have to go back about five years ago when a charter school audit investigation report came out.  All of these articles are connected to the race!

Delaware Military Academy Audit Investigation Released 2/19/13

Delaware Charter Schools Network & State Rep. Mike Ramone Fight Original Charter School Audit Bill 4/8/15

Delaware Charter Schools Network Tries To Stop Charter School Audit Bill 6/17/15

Academy of Dover Audit Investigation Released 6/23/15

House Bill 186 Passes In The House 6/30/15

Charter Fraud Ignored By House Republicans, Rep. Jaques, & Senator Sokola 7/5/15

Kuumba Academy & Delaware College Prep Stung In Audit Inspection 9/30/15

Delaware DOE Cleared In Audit Inspection On Travel Expenses 12/7/15

Davies Big Year in 2015 12/8/15

Family Foundations Audit Investigation Released 12/9/15

Kuumba Academy Questions Why They Were Part Of P-Card Audit 12/23/15

The Charter School Audit Bill Fight 1/15/16

Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility Program Audit Inspection 1/12/16

Delaware State News Covers SEU Audit Inspection Results 1/12/16

Providence Creek Audit Inspection Released 1/27/16

Providence Creek Fights The Audit Bill While Part Of Audit Investigation 1/27/16

Newark Charter School Audit Tip 3/7/16

The Original Unit-Count Audit Inspection 5/5/16

Williams & Sokola Compromised For Charter Audit Bill 6/16/16

Kathleen Davies Missing At Auditor Of Accounts Office 6/20/16

Charter School Audit Bill Passes General Assembly 7/1/16

First Public Mention Of Davies Being Put On Leave 7/2/16

Actual News Journal Article Smearing Davies 7/30/16

News Journal Writes Non-Fact Based Article On Davies’ Leave 7/30/16

Charter School Petty Cash Audit Investigation Disappears 7/31/16

Delaware Citizen Weighs In On Davies’ Leave 8/1/16

Governor Markell Signs Charter School Audit Bill 8/14/16

Tom Wagner Releases New Version Of Unit-Count Audit 9/6/16

Dennis Williams Lies About DSEA Endorsement 9/10/16

Charter School Petty Cash Letters 10/12/16

Kim Williams Takes On Tom Wagner Over Millville Fire Department Audit Being Pulled 10/13/16

Who Audits The Auditor’s Office? 10/31/16

Indian River Audit Investigation 11/7/16

Energize Delaware Announces Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility Program Has “Clean” Audit 1/3/17

Sussex Tech Fraud 6/9/17

State Auditor Can’t Do His Job With School District Audits 12/6/17

Tom Wagner Announces Retirement 2/18/18

Davies Files To Run For State Auditor 3/6/18

McGuiness & Her Lack Of Qualifications For State Auditor 5/19/18

McGuiness & Why She Should Not Receive Any Votes For State Auditor 5/29/18

Davies Unemployment Hearing & Mysteries Solved 6/5/18

Petty Cash Continues To Be An Issue In Delaware Schools 6/16/18

News Journal Catches Up 20 Days Later 6/25/18

McGuiness Victim Shames Davies 6/26/18

Whatever Happened With Patrick Miller 7/2/18

DSEA Endorses Davies! 7/13/18

The News Journal Continues Their Bizarre Crusade Against Davies 7/21/18

Davies Shines In State Auditor Debate 7/31/18

News Journal Hit Piece On Davies Has More Holes Than A Donut Shop 8/8/18

McGuiness Supporter Facebook Fraud 8/15/18

Davies Wins Big In Primary Poll 8/16/18

Davies Work Leads To Many Prosecutions! 8/16/18

How Tom Wagner Screwed Up The Indian River Audit Investigation 8/18/18

Kowalko & Williams Demand Matt Denn Investigates Leak At AOA 8/20/18

Davies Issues Official Press Release On News Journal Attack Articles 8/20/18

Grant Thornton Contract Revealed! 8/20/18

News Journal Gets Cranky When They Are Called Out For Their Continual Davies Hit Pieces 8/20/18

Candidate Message: Kathleen Davies 8/31/18 (both Kathy McGuiness and Dennis Williams were given opportunity to send a message, as of 9/4 neither of them have)

Kathy McGuiness Chokes On Question At WDEL Debate 9/2/18

The Davies-McGuiness-Spadola Gambit 9/3/18

Electing Kathy McGuiness Could Lead To Governor McGuiness One Day, Hide Your Children! 9/3/18

Tammy Smith From AOA Cries Like A Baby & The McGuiness Sisters Spread Her Rant 9/4/18