School Funding Winterfest Forum

How can we fund Delaware schools better?  Does the unit-based funding formula work?  Should we go to an all weighted funding formula?  A hybrid of the two?  Do referendums actually work?  Is funding equitable for traditional school districts and charter schools?  Is there places where we can trim the fat?  Is administrative overhead too big?  Discuss!

One thought on “School Funding Winterfest Forum”

  1. The referendums are pushed hard in the schools, and all school parents are made aware that their children will suffer all kinds of consequences if the referendums are not passed, i.e. the athletic programs will be dropped, new learning materials will not be ordered, etc. BUT upcoming referendums are not published or advertised anywhere, so seniors and young adults are unaware of the referendums until after the vote and the school taxes take a huge hike. Referendums should either be eliminated or the vote on referendums should be included in the general elections, so that EVERYONE has an equal opportunity to vote.


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