Rodel Foundation of Delaware/Vision Coalition/Student Success 2025/Delaware Business Roundtable/Longwood Foundation:

11/19/14: The huge and long history of Rodel and Governor Markell:

11/22/14: Paul Herdman of Rodel emails me about 11/19 article and my response:

11/28/14: Social media reaction to Rodel article:

12/5/14: Paul Herdman ignores my challenge:

1/12/15: Governor Markell FOIA w/Paul Herdman emails:

3/18/15: Tongue-In-Cheek jabs at Rodel, DOE and Markell:

3/19/15: Herdman, Murphy & Markell’s Aspen Institute & How it shapes Delaware education:

3/24/15: Reblog from Diane Ravitch about Basis Charter chain getting rejected in Washington D.C. (Rodel Foundation of Arizona supports):

3/27/15: From McKinsey to Markell to Rodel- The Sir Michael Barber Story:

4/9/15: From the FOIA file and DOE ass-kissing Rodel:

4/20/15: A brief Comment Rescue and timing w/Markell/Rodel history:

4/21/15: Reblog from Kavips redline of Rodel editorial in News Journal:

4/24/15: Rodel sends in the minions to oppose House Bill 50:

4/24/15: Rodel’s lobbying efforts against House Bill 50:

5/11/15: Rodel & State Board of Education tick off DSEA and teachers:

6/10/15: Senate Education Committee meeting on House Bill 50, Herdman shows up:

6/11/15: News Journal ad by Rodel and Delaware Business Roundtable against House Bill 50:

6/12/15: Paul Herdman’s incendiary opposition speech to House Bill 50 and Parent Opt-Out:

6/19/15: Reblog from the seventh type about Longwood Foundation and Community Education Building:

6/25/15: Still no response from challenge to Paul Herdman back in December:

7/8/15: How does Rodel have anything to do with priority school problems with Red Clay?:

7/11/15: DCSN’s impact on Public Education in Delaware:

7/11/15: Announcement of Vision Coalition’s Student Success 2025:

7/31/15: A fun idea that never took off:

8/16/15: Rodel’s personalized learning push and DOE contracts:

8/17/15: Rodel’s massive payment from the DOE:

8/17/15: Rodel connection to DOE vendor:

8/20/15: Convergence of education initiatives in Delaware:

8/22/15: Student Success 2025 at State Board of Education Workshop:

9/3/15: Rodel’s contribution to DOE/State Board of Education Smarter Balanced propaganda blitz:

9/13/15: Rodel and the Vision-Student Success 2025 Gig:

9/16/15: Vision Coalition Launches Student Success 2025:

9/20/15: Joel Klein speaking at Great Oaks. Why and what does Rodel have to do with it:

9/23/15: Thomas Fordham Institute guy on Rick Jensen:

10/4/15: Paul Herdman’s big raise!

11/5/15: Rodel and NAEP, a flip-flopper’s delight!

11/25/15: Rodel’s Vision Coalition and the eerie similarities to another state’s report on education:

1/6/16: Rodel brings a national voice against opt-out to Wilmington the same day as opt-out rally: