Parents In Education Winterfest Forum

Parents play a huge role in education.  How can we bring more of them to the table?  Should parents be allowed to opt their child out of Smarter Balanced?  How can we get parental involvement in our cities?  What can parents to help teachers and vice versa?  Are parents welcomed at schools when there are issues?  Discuss!

2 thoughts on “Parents In Education Winterfest Forum”

  1. I have commented several times how many parents are not involved with their education. Whether that is in the form of PTO meetings, attending Common Core meetings or even helping their kids with their homework. It just isn’t happening.

    I do not know how to get more people involved with education. My opinion is that there are two things that are prohibiting parents in being involved. 1.) If you are in the poverty level, parents are working more to pay their bills, and are thus, not home to be involved. 2.) If you are above poverty, then you have your kids involved in too many activities and are too tired to be involved.


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