Markell, Parents, and Statewide Review of Educational Opportunities AnnouncementArticles on Delaware Governor Jack Markell in Exceptional Delaware:

Markell, McKinsey and Sir Michael Barber

Markell and the Alan Jackson Problem

Do Markell and Murphy Wants Kids To Do Bad On Smarter Balanced?

House Bill 50, Markell’s Abuse of Power, & The Parent Press Conference Announcement

Markell, Parents & The Announcement of the Statewide Review of Educational Opportunities

Markell, Herdman & Murphy: The Aspen Institute

Markell Slams Delaware Teachers At Common Core Conference

Markell & The World Stacking Championship Picture

Markell And Clarity Are Not Friends

Markell Explodes Over Opt-Out While Legislators Battle

Markell Criticizes Parents While Jaques Calls Them Failures

Markell Announces “Assessment Inventory” In His Fight Against Opt-Out

Email to Delaware Superintendents About Opt-Out, Markell, and Corporate Education Reform

Markell Acts As Predicted With The Opt-Out Movement

Christina Superintendent & Board President Deal With Markell On Priority Schools, Not The DOE!

US DOE Letter To Markell About No Cost Extensions For RTTT Funding

Markell’s Achilles Heel: Delaware Parents

Markell Caves On ESEA Waiver & Evaluation Of Delaware Teachers Over SBAC, DOE Freaks Out Over Opt-Out

Video of Arne Duncan & Markell At Wilmington Rotary Club

Earl Jaques: Puppet of Markell Tells Christina Teachers House BIll 50 Won’t Pass

Markell’s Obsession With The Proficiency Gap While Ignoring The Income Gap

Markell Letter To WEAC Praising Their Recommendations

Markell Backtracks On Market Street Village/Charter School Teacher Controversy

The Spin City of Markell’s Office With The Market Street Village/Charter Teacher Fiasco

Markell and Market Street Village: Preferential Treatment For Charter School Teachers!

Daring Parents To Defy Markell & DOE & Go To Board Meetings To Opt-Out

Will Markell Bust The Christina Educators Association To Get His Way With Priority Schools?

The Opt-Out Movement Scares The DOE and Markell

As Christina Priority School Showdown Looms, What Could Happen?

Delaware Citizen’s FOIA To US DOE Over Priority Schools & The Shocking Response!

Markell Ignores Murders In Wilmington & Favors Get-Rich Education Schemes

Markell: Why Don’t Cops With High-Crime Rates Have To Reapply For Their Jobs But Christina Teachers In Priority Schools Have To?

Markell & State of the State 2015: His Education Plans For The Year

The House of Herdman At Vision & How Jack Markell Fits In

Legislator’s Dine At Markell’s House While Christina Board Ponders The Fate of 1000 Students

The Markell, Herdman, Duncan FOIA Email Party

Parents & Teachers For Public Education Petition & Letter To Delaware DOE, Murphy, & Markell

WEAC Letter To Markell Over Priority Schools: Slow Your Roll!


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