The Primary is coming!  After that, the General Election!

Final List of Candidates

Guide To The Primary 8/6/18

Campaign Craziness! 8/10/18

The DelawareCAN PAC 8/11/18

Primary Polls: Attorney General, State Auditor, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator 8/13/18

Johnson, Davies, Harris, Arlett, & Murphy Win Poll Vote 8/16/18

Primary Polls: State Senators and State Representatives 8/19/18

Candidate Message: George Parish, Sussex County Council, District 4, Republican

Candidate Message: Dawn Lentz, New Castle County Council, District 6, Green Party

Candidate Message: Robert “Bob” Mitchell, 35th State Rep District, Republican

Candidate Message: Ken Woods, New Castle County Councilman, 1st District, Democrat

Candidate Message: Kathleen Davies, State Auditor, Democrat

Candidate Message: Sean Lynn, 31st State Rep District, Democrat

Candidate Message: Chris Johnson, Attorney General, Democrat

Candidate Message: David Anderson, 31st State Rep District, Democrat

Candidate Message: Rachel Blumenfeld, 12th State Rep District, Democrat