Wilmington Advocate CEO Hope Cries Out For Help With People Dying In Wilmington

At the Wilmington City Council meeting last night, advocate CEO Hope gave a very passionate speech about the crime and murder in Wilmington.  He begged the City Council to get out on the streets and see the dead and to do something before these kids go to prison.  Things are getting very tense up in Wilmington, and education will not solve all of the issues going on there.  We can redistrict and “close the gaps” until our eyes fall out, but that is not going to solve the problems.  I’m not going to pretend to have the answers, because I simply don’t.  But what we are doing now?  It isn’t working.  I live in Dover, and it is getting bad here too.  Not Wilmington proportions, but we are already over last year’s homicide rate down here.

I would start listening to this video at the 28:00 mark to see what happens before CEO’s speech, the speech, and after.

I think, if anything, these people need hope.  They need to know that their leaders want to make changes that will last and not just put band-aids on the problems.  Kicking the can does not work, and more children will die or go to prison if something doesn’t change.

Wilmington City Council Votes For Moratorium On New Charter Schools In The City

Tonight, the Wilmington City Council voted for a moratorium on any new charter school applications for the city of Wilmington in the state of Delaware.  While this council does not have jurisdiction over state law, this is seen as a symbolic gesture to the Delaware Legislature to act on what many see as abusive powers granted to the Delaware Department of Education and the State Board of Education.  More information as it materializes!