I Like Version 2.0 Better Than The Original


I was talking to a friend the other day about the band Garbage.  They first came out at the end of 1995.  I didn’t get into the first album as much as I would have liked to cause I was moving to Sweden and the music is a lot different over there.  I got to hear Macarena for a whole year non-stop over there before I moved back to the states.  And guess what was just hitting the airwaves over here?  Macarena.  Dark times indeed!

Anyway, back to Garbage.  Their original album, self-titled, was good.  “Only Happy When It Rains”, “Stupid Girl”, and “Queer” were the big singles from that album.  Like I said, I enjoyed it but it wasn’t one of those albums you play non-stop.  That changed in 1998 with their new album, “Version 2.0”.  With the kick-off single, “Push It”, I was a lifelong Garbage fan after that.  When the album was released that May, I must have played the CD about 500 times over the next year.  The whole album was gold.  “I Think I’m Paranoid”, “Special”, and “When I Grow Up” generated more airplay for the band.  It was one of those albums that had a special place in my heart, especially with songs like “Medication” and “The Trick Is To Keep Breathing”.  I was reaching the end of my 20’s and I could feel my body saying “slow down”, “stop partying so much”.

Back to the conversation with my friend.  My friend asked me what was a better album from 1998, “Version 2.0” or the Beastie Boys “Hello Nasty”.  I liked the Beastie Boys ever since high school, but they were never a play all the time kind of band for me.  So I said “Version 2.0.  It would get my vote.”  Then another friend jumped into the conversation.  She said the original was better than “Version 2.0”.  I told her she was entitled to her opinion.  Then she started explaining why the original was better but kept referring to “Hello Nasty”.  But this person didn’t really know much about “Hello Nasty” at all, so how could they compare?  And were they comparing “Hello Nasty” to “Version 2.0” or the original?  It pained me to hear this conversation.  I get that the original was that person’s favorite, and I’m sure some others as well.  But if you don’t have the context to compare, the argument is fruitless.

It’s like going to a party and you are knee-deep in a conversation with someone and another person jumps in and without realizing it, makes it more about them then the people who were currently involved in the conversation.   Awkward!  The trick is to keep breathing.  I think I’m paranoid, but I like to push it.  Maybe I’m special, and when I grow up, I’ll need some medication.  Yeah, Version 2.0 will always be better than the original cause I’m much more familiar with it than I was with the original.  And Version 2.0 is simply awesome and will always have my vote!  And I did grow to really like “Hello Nasty”, but if it came down to a vote, “Version 2.0” rules the day!